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Saturday, 8 February 2014

How do I know if I have a problem and how big it is?

I've forgotten where we were dowsing, though I can 'see' that place in my mind's eye.
Photo taken by M'reen

How do I know if I have a problem and how big it is?
M'reen Hunt

There are many ways to find out if you have a concern or the answer to a question
and I shall describe four; one of which I cannot do.
Dowsers, kinesiologists and a good number of others might insist on pre questions or procedures but I don’t have time to itemise those here; so we’ll just ‘go for it’ or you could put your Magnificent Self 
in charge; this is an Energetic – NLP term meaning the combination of your Inner Wisdom which is based in your day to day reality with your Spirit which has an overview of your life’s big picture.

Why might you want to do this?
In Turbo Charged Reading we use purpose to set the course for success
and mind instructions to direct the innermind in the type of success wanted at that time.
If you do not believe that these are attainable for you
then your subconscious gremlins will delight in ensuring that subconscious belief.

Stand up and say to yourself ‘I am (10 or so years younger than your age)’
then ‘I’m (the age you are)’. What do you feel? What happened? Nothing?
Now tell yourself that you’ll lean backwards if your answer is ‘No’ and forward if your answer is ‘Yes’.
It’s always useful for your subconscious to know what is expected of it so that it can respond appropriately. There are reasons why ‘No’ is back, but not now.
Now ask yourself those questions again. Try ‘I’m a man’, ‘I’m a woman’, ‘I’m a child’ and anything else you care to find a ‘yes’, ‘no’ answer for or if you remain static then that counts as a response that says ‘I’m not sure / I’m not ready to answer yet’. Should you remain static between man and woman it may mean that you are nicely balanced between the masculine and feminine, or balanced between adult and child so ask, 'is my current front door black?'. 
What can you use this for? Examples could be: ‘is it helpful for my health / diet for me to eat cabbage’? Cabbage is a wonderful and very beneficial vegetable but too much of it can be too much for certain people / conditions. You may used these methods to discover food sensitivities particularly as our metabolism changes at points in our life and health; even during the day
as our food intake changes.
However, it is wise to remember that Midas knew exactly what he intended and he received exactly what he asked for! So you need a mind sharper than any lawyer and if your mind is not that sharp why not try asking a checking question?

Touch your thumb tip to your index finger tip and link your other thumb and index finger so that you now have a chain. Now ask ‘give me yes’ please’ and repeatedly gently pull your circles apart
and eventually after a few pulls you will find that one circle will break. Now ask, ‘give me No please’
and gently pull your circles apart a few times and the opposite circle will break.
I know a prospective Deacon of a church take her multi-choice exam using this method!
I am aware of a therapist who uses this to decide the best time for a client’s next appointment.
This one I’m not sure about because I thought that time is elastic and therefore things can change but another argument is that time is not linear. 
However, unfortunately, these dowsing or energy testing techniques cannot be used for finding 
the winning lottery numbers. – There is always a catch isn’t there!

Imagine that you can see traffic lights. It is easier if you close your eyes until you get the hang 
of this next one. Red means ‘no’ or ‘stop’, amber means ‘I’m not sure / I’m not ready to answer yet’ and green means ‘yes’ or ‘go’. You could ask if you believe an affirmation because if you don’t then the affirmation is counter productive for you. You could ask if your purpose for a project is in keeping with your overall life needs, or if your purpose is sufficiently specific. In Turbo Charged Reading we use both Purpose and Affirmations (as mind Instructions - thee is a difference )as the driving force to the process; though when I used to forget to use the affirmations it worked well anyway but since I like as much on my side as possible
I use affirmations and check that they are compatible with my beliefs about my abilities
or self confidence / esteem.

Finally, try dowsing with a pendulum. Much to the disgust of a friend I use anything that will act
as a plum bob such as a shoulder bag, a trainer dangling from a lace, a dangly necklace, etc.
Ask your pendulum to give you ‘yes’ then ask for ‘no’. For me ‘yes’ is a clockwise circle and ‘no’
is anti-clockwise; however some people have up and down for ‘yes’ and across for ‘no’.
I asked if I could physically achieve …… and received a ‘yes’. I then asked if I believed that I could achieve …. I received a ‘No’!!! This is because it is perfectly logical that a spider treated with respect
is not going to hurt you but do you believe this? A person with arachnid phobia will not believe.
Here it is useful to note that Carl G. Jung said that every man is born prejudice towards himself
and that he couldn’t use the I Ching because he had a vested interest in the outcome.

What is happening and why? And why do these techniques work?
As you found if you don’t set up the signals for yes and no then, generally, nothing happens.
If you hung a pendulum on a door knob and asked the same questions then nothing would happen.
That you get the answer to the question you actually ask your subconscious mind;
but importantly you may not be aware or cannot be aware with your current conscious knowledge
that there is an alternative question.
These responses are rather like a thermometer, a Geiger counter, a second hand or anything else that amplifies a signal so that it can be appreciated and measured.
We amplify our inner vibes or knowings and we can also amplify what we energetically perceive
in others and this generates the response of the technique we are using.
Even though you can’t actually see it you are swinging the pendulum as you are reacting 
to the energy of your own knowings or your energetic perception of the other person.
Sometimes the ‘handles’ of dowsing rods are in cylinders so that it is impossible for you to affect 
their direction. The dowsing rods are reacting to the energy of the ley lines etc that are travelling through you in much the same way as a weather cock reacts to the wind.
For example I dowsed where the dragon and dragona ley lines crossed in Thetford Uk,
as I was standing on this junction a friend then said, ‘close your eyes’ and I rocked rather dramatically as the energy wooshed up through my body!

Are we all equally sensitive and can we all ‘do’ this?
We all have the potential but like everything else it is easier for some than it is for others.
Also, some people can work with one sort of energy and not with another, or poorly with another.
At teacher training college we had a Galvonic Skin Bridge, this was an elementary lie detector
that measured the skin sweat or temperature – I forget which. With one guy we tried our dirtiest tricks but we couldn’t get anything but a flat line, with another we had to pull out all the stops
to get a small blip and when one girl agreed that the blue pencil was red and it went haywire.
For myself I couldn’t achieve a straight line so no one could find my truth or lie; though when
I trained as a hypnotherapist one guy knew every time I lied because I clench my teeth when I lie. Therefore we are all sending out energy or vibes and sometimes we can be aware of our own energies or the energies of others. Time and distance make no difference to people who are adept
at perceiving energy and transmitting energy. I just thought I‘d throw all that in for good measure.

What to do now that you have identified an issue?
Well you could check out my other articles on how to resolve issues or you could try the psychological reversal TFT or EFT tapping point as we do with Turbo Charged Reading as then we are not ‘doing therapy’ we are simply finding if the purpose and mind instructions are positive for that time.
To do this find the karate chop point at the side of your hand, that is the pad below your little finger and above your wrist and having found this tap it a few times with the finger tips of your other hand. When I tried this with my negative belief in my physical potential I got a neutral position with the pendulum, an amber traffic light or the stationary position when standing.
I then tapped a few more times before I received the positive response that I now believed
it is possible for me to achieve ….. On re-checking this a few days later
I still maintained a positive belief – I’ll keep you posted. Yes, I achieved with the help of a professional.

The neutral position, can you be more specific?
Neutral can mean that you are not ready to move yet and this would be worked with therapeutically
as would being somewhat stuck. With Turbo Charged Reading we are not in a therapeutic situation
and would simply use a different acceptable purpose of mind instruction or treat the neutral position
simply as just a point on a scale that we want to get into the positive range.
How do you find the 1 to 10 scale people ask for when trying to gauge how distressing an issue is and whether or not it has cleared up?
This, not surprisingly, is called a S.U.D. that is a Subjective Unit of Distress.
Imagine a thermometer, a fuel gauge or ask for a number (that may flash) or if you are like me you just take a wild guess. Actually there is nothing ‘wild’ about these guesses it’s just that I don’t ‘see’ 
nor am I consciously aware of these figures so I just have to trust my subconscious mind to come up with the right figure.
For example take a phobia and for me, as a therapist, they come as a five minute phobia cure,
a twenty minute phobia healing or it may take a few sessions in order to resolve the issue.
When using a SUD the person generally sets off with a high number which reduces however some people allow the second time of asking for the number to rise and this simply means that they are allowing themselves to feel the ‘fear’ more accurately and so they are making admirable progress.
Keep tapping or using the method of your choice until your number comes down to a level that is reasonable with whatever is happening in your life at this time. So while 1 or 2 or even 0 is desirable 
it might not be practical when taking all your other considerations into account.
Or your issue might be such that to release it all now might be far too uncomfortable
and so it is healthier for you to release a little bit now and a little more later on or in a day or so.

My TCR programme is now complete
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