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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Elementals, angels, aliens, wind and gravity.

In All Saints Church grounds, Thetford Forest I felt the elememtals around this tree stump.


My personal response to elementals has demanded to be written 
before the question 'what are they' has been poised.
You can look up a definition of elementals, angels, aliens, the wind and gravity.
Regarding angels and aliens; some people see, communicate with or are these beings.
If you have never experienced, say an angel, it needs to appear in your perception as something that you recognise as an angel. If it appeared as a sea lion, then you’d experience a sea lion.
Regarding the wind and gravity, most of us are fortunate in having experienced and used the wind and gravity. However, if you could not remember the descriptor ‘wind’ how could you describe your experience? Apparently speakers of modern Latin are having to use full sentences to describe things that were not around all those years ago – baseball – the internet.
Gravity, what could be simpler? Connect tree with apple and head J There is a word for gravity
in all languages BUT apparently the scientists do not have an explanation for gravity!
In my opinion everything has an energy that can be perceived by those who are sensitive
to its energy signature. Even a postage stamp (on a demand payment or a love letter.)
So the energies found in nature have a descriptor in order that we can share in the same conversation. A descriptor then needs a recognised form from which a ‘character’ is built.
Think of the word Chair, what sort of chair springs to mind?
Baby bear’s chair, your safe cuddle chair, an electric chair – recliner, dentist or more sinister?
After a deeply emotional experience in a church that was probably a past life – of mine
or one I tuned into? I was very sensitive to my surroundings and I noticed a bract fungus that was not overhanging a tree stump but was plonked on top of the table. Approaching this stump in order to take a photograph I became very aware of the energy of the stump. A person who perceives elementals confirmed that this was their home and requested that we respect their privacy.
I didn’t ‘see’ any form; I just felt whatever I felt like sunshine on my face it was / is part
of my experience of this life and earth I live in.

Now, it’s your turn to add your two pence’s worth.

This article was prompted by my painting of The Beech Nut Fairy
I posted this on  and I described it as:
I have quite a collection of Cicely Mary Barker's fairy books.
The last few years I have become sufficiently sensitive to feel the energy of some trees
and have spent time 'making friends' with a sycamore tree on Newmarket's July Race Course.

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