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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Give gifts

Christmas is the time for giving gifts. WHY STOP?
M'reen Hunt (c) 

I read that a company increased the lighting in a work place and productivity increased before levelling off. They then decreased the lighting saying that it was for the employee’s benefit,
again production increased before levelling off. The reason productivity increased was because
the employees felt that someone had their interests at heart.
If there is no one around to give you a pat on the back it is a good idea to pat someone else’s back.
I read this as ‘shooting prayers’ and I use it as ‘giving gifts’. Each day, give yourself as many gifts 
as you can, a flower in someone’s garden an item in a shop window, a beautiful cloud form; 
positively look for something that pleases you and when you find it imagine holding it in your hand 
and bring your hand to your heart and say ‘thank-you.’
Now, give a gift; as someone walks by think, ‘enjoy your shopping’, ‘feel a little easier’, etc.
it really works. One client was ‘giving gifts’ in a crowded pub; the barmaid was harassed 
and she thought to her, ‘have an easier time’ the barmaid turned and gave her a beaming smile 
before returning to her task.
This is energy work and it’s free as it only takes a little thought on your part. I appreciate that that 
can be difficult in some situations so really make an effort to find something pleasing, it doesn’t matter how small, just try that little bit. To give a gift is powerful energy work and cost you nothing 
but a little awareness and kindness to yourself.
For example I asked a lady a simple question and she did her best to advise me but did not have 
the information I wanted. She ended with a sad and worried face apologising for not being more helpful. I gave her a big smile and said that she had been helpful as she’d taken me to the next step 
on my quest. She looked up into my eyes and gave me such a smile of (presumably) relief 
and gratitude that she had not been a failure so that years later I still remember the surprised feeling of joy I experienced. There is a background story to this I asked my friend to slip into our trance work the suggestion that that every time I thought a negative thought about myself that I would instantly replace that with a truer more positive thought. He is a suggestollogist (keeps repeating the same message) I am more of a ‘root out the original problem’ hypnotherapist. The first time he said these words I felt like rising from the chair and telling him not to be so stupid but I couldn’t raise enough oomph to be so childishly angry. The second time he said my requested sentence I felt little antennae rise from my head with the tips joined by an electric fizzle. And with the subsequent repetitions the antennae sunk slowly into my head as I accepted the suggestion. In the following days I had to laugh at myself as I balanced my negative self talk. Then I found that it was wonderful to find that I was balancing the negative talk of others as described above.
A client had every reason for wishing to be somewhat invisible but this had other consequences.
I was sitting opposite to her and said, “You are beautiful.” She grabbed a pillow and hid her face.
I suggested that she look in a mirror and find just one tiny teensy bit of herself to say to say,
‘my left eyebrow is beautiful’ before progressing to saying, ‘I love me.’ The ultimate being to stand naked in front of a mirror and say, ‘I love me’ while seeing your physical ‘flaws’ in the mirror.
It just takes practice. The next time she visited, I said, ‘you are beautiful’, and she hid her face behind her spread out fingers and I thought that this was tremendous progress.
I read that the great ‘they’ got two glasses of water. To one glass they said, I love you, you are pure love’, and to the other they said, ‘you are a horrible, nasty ………………’. Then they examined the water in the two glasses. The water in the ‘loved’ glass had lovely regular molecules 
while the abused glass had nasty confused ones.
Guess who has a note inside every cupboard door saying, ‘I love you, you are pure love’?
We Brits with our stiff upper lip are not very good at giving complements and some of us feel unworthy to receive them. ‘Oh, this old thing’? You reply with a faint sense of embarrassment.
When I lived in Colorado, USA people easily said, ‘ that skirt’s hot’, with a smile while continuing 
on their way. Here, I rounded an aisle in the supermarket and met a lady wearing a fabulous swirling green and orange ensemble.  I commented on how joyful she looked and whenever I saw a glimpse 
of her amongst the other drab moving shoppers she was like a ray of sunshine and happiness to me.
It is so easy to say, ‘I like your coat’ or whatever when passing someone. It is so rewarding to share your joy and to see their smile and who knows you may have brightened a sad day for someone.

Regarding giving love to water check out this information,
This is a really fascinating article documenting the work of Professor Emoto's 
studies on how different emotions affect the molecular structure of water. I had 
previously watched a documentary on this - it really is quite amazing!

Denise X

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Anniversary stress and illness

                                                    This was my mum's night light.
                                                                M'reen Hunt (c) 

Anniversary illness and stress.

When my eldest daughter was 14 she went to Italy and had adventures that her life had not prepared her for. She coped exceptionally well and when she came home asked if she could visit a friend in the safe hamlet of Irwell Vale. I responded, “If you think you’re going out at this time of night lady you’ve got another think coming!” During the September of her return and the September’s for many years after I suffered extreme hair loss, this anniversary stress eventually migrated to October as it became less obvious until it expired completely. It’s a fact that alopecia can be stress induced; as losing your hair with worry or tearing your hair out is an turn of phrase that can be expressed in fact.
Also the longer your hair lies dormant the more colour it loses; as if I care.

I’ve read that someone’s hay fever was an anniversary stress response. This means that each year the anniversary of a stressful period is re-enacted.  Just think of bottled up emotions that cannot be expressed! A quick lifting of the head as you sniff and blink away your emotions, swollen red eyes that leak tears, a dribbley nose that requires lots of tissues, a tight throat that you can’t get your words of despair past and the held breath that tightens and lifts your chest.

When I did my Diploma in Counselling or maybe it was my Stress and Anxiety management course 
we were advised to ‘inoculate’ people for anniversary stress. I always did with the people I worked 
with for Victim Support and in private practice.

Speaking with a gardener he told me that for the last 15 years each October his brother went 
to the Doctor’s for an antidepressant course of medication that lasted till March as he had SAD.
SAD used to be diagnosed as depression until it was recognised as a separate issue. I asked him specifically what happened in October 15 years ago and he immediately told me of a stressful incident. I think rather than anti depressants his brother would be better served with working with 
the energy that is locking in and maintaining that stressful response that pops up each October.

For very sad reasons I did not want to travel over 200 miles during the Christmas snow conditions 
so my mind obligingly produced an infection of the soft pallet; that is the soft bit at the roof of your mouth. The circumstances were repeated the following year and the soft pallet infection provided the necessary excuse. By year 3 a practical situation had changed and I let go of the Christmas guilt trip, but I still had the infection and recognised that this was an anniversary stress and told myself that 
I simply refused to be ill and the infection lasted a few hours. In year 4 the infection only lasted minutes as I refused to succumb. This is quite easy as I’ve not had a cold for well over 10 years.
As soon as I’m aware of a cold coming on I repeatedly tell myself that I simply refuse to have a cold.
I admit there is a little gremlin whispering, ‘what if it doesn’t work this time?’ I reply with some trepidation that, ‘it would ruin my reputation.’ I continue to repeat these and a cold has always 
cleared in a few hours. Now I just need to master flu.

OK, not had flu for some years.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

If I was to wander this earth for eternity I would go home.

Hera was German Shepherd, Husky with a dash of wolf.
She came between me and the bear.

If I was to wander this earth for eternity I would go home.
M'reen Hunt (c) 
I’m a Brit. Full Stop.
The Home of My Heart is in Bear Creek Park, Colorado Springs, 80906.
The Frontier people walked through my breakfast kitchen in Electra Drive;
they knew that I knew that they knew that I knew they were there.
I met the bear, twice, eye to eye with my 52lb dog, Hera, between me and him;
one day the bear explored our garden on Scorpio Drive.
I’ve dreamed through the powder as it played in the pine needles
and made snow angels in my ski suit.
I watched the forked and sheet lightening while standing outside my front door
as it ignited the trees to be drowned by the rain
and felt the electric force even though the thunder was miles away.
I’ve felt the pulse of Hera’s throat as she strained against the leash
looking the wrong way as the deer was an arm’s length behind me but vanished
when I turned my head. Vanished without sound, without trace, twice in my experience,
vanished through the mountain mahogany and scrub oak and sight.
I felt the Ute, our Indian nation as I cried in a mountain meadow protected by Hera
who positioned herself between me and others should they walk too close.
I’ve rocked back with my heals on the rail of my front deck in Colorado Avenue
in a house of the prostitutes of old; the most inconvenient house ever
but one we much loved as fortune took us down the mountain.
I helped raise my English children, who were proud to swear allegiance to the flag.
If I was to wander this earth for eternity I would go home.

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hay Fever or Newmarket Nose?

                                                               Shaggy horses boxing.

Hay Fever or Newmarket Nose?
M'reen Hunt (c) 

I’ve only ever experienced hay fever once on a spring visit to Albuquerque,
New Mexico, U.S.A. many years ago.
I came to live in the historic home of horseracing a few years ago. 
Each day I walked many hours taking photographs of flowers and pretty soon each time I tipped 
my head down to take a photo my nose pored somewhat like an overexcited tap.
There are 3,000 horses in over 50 stables in Newmarket and The Jockey Club meticulously tends 4,500 areas of land so most people in Newmarket are very close to these Arabs and thoroughbreds.
Progressively more and more my nose continued to drip copiously throughout the year, 
with increasing tissue use in the home.

I visited Hemel Hempstead, quite some distance away and, as usual, walked through a shaggy horse field but this time my nose began to pour. I decided to adapt an Energetic NLP technique as working with energy is limited only by your imagination, your intention and your permission to allow your desired results. (This ‘permission’ is the tricky bit and is worked on when I tutor Inner Mind Reading students – but you could just ask me.)
My solution to hay fever may seem to be a little illogical as hay fever is an irritation of the lining 
of the nose so inhaling any more of the antigen is not a sensible idea!
But I’ve never let being sensible stop me from doing {some} crazy things.
While in the shaggy horse field I ventilated my lungs as much as I possibly could imagining that through my nose I was breathing in nice, dry healing micro sponges and as I breathed out through my mouth I imagined soggy, antigen ridden, nasty, sopping wet sponges that floated away to be healed by the ultra violet light in the air. I exaggerated this breathing until I couldn’t breathe in that way anymore however I repeated this procedure a couple of times until I could do it no more.
A few days later I went through the same field again and had the same experience!
So I employed the dry magic healing sponges once more.
That was some years ago and you may be interested to know that there is a stable at the back 
of my house with LOTS of horses and yet my nose is just as dry and comfortable as it ever was.

Unfortunately any resolution to a problem sometimes needs a balance and this is a quote from 
The Daily Mail, Tuesday, September 10, 2013. Why ‘hay fever’ that never clears up may be a sign 
of lung cancer. When Karen Boniface started coughing and wheezing one summer, she immediately recognised the symptoms. Like millions of Britons, she suffers from seasonal hay fever and this time felt no different. ‘Usually I cough up phlegm, my nose runs and I tend to get chesty and wheezy – typical hay fever symptoms,’ says Karen, 53, from Studland, Dorset. ‘I had these symptoms for a few months, but I thought nothing of it: it seemed the same as the previous three years I’d had hay fever.’ Yet unknown to Karen, she was actually displaying early signs of lung cancer. The article has a note that points out that 90% of people don’t realise that a persistent cough is a key symptom of lung cancer.

On a brighter note, over the phone, I worked with a person’s 50 year old persistent cough that had baffled the medical community for years – a key clue - as the source of the cough was emotional. Five years later the cough has remained a thing of the past.

P.S. I’ve read that someone’s hay fever was an anniversary stress response. This means that each year the anniversary of a stressful period is re-enacted. Just think of bottled up emotions that cannot be expressed! A quick lifting of the head as you sniff and blink away your emotions, swollen red eyes that leak tears, a dribbley nose that requires lots of tissues, a tight throat that you can’t get your words of despair past and the held breath that tightens and lifts your chest.
Then of course there are more exotic possibilities – but another time.

People who have trouble breathing, should they choose to use the magic healing sponges should breath at a rate that is comfortable to them or they should visualise or imaging the dry healing sponges travelling through their air ways and doing their magic thing.

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Powerful Magic of Bubbles.

                                                                  Light lightly alights.

The Powerful Magic of Bubbles.
M'reen Hunt (c)

My screen saver has drifting circles that change colour when their surfaces
share the same space but sometimes they change colour just because.
I find this to be gently fascinating and curiously relaxing as the bumping
bubbles mimic the random possibilities of beauty that our cares in life
often obscure from awareness.
As a hypnotherapist I’ve often used the power of rainbow bubbles and would now like to share
that skill with you. But first I must become the travel hostess and point out the safety features
for those of you who go into a deep trance state. Kick out the kids and cats and anything else
that might surprise you as they leap onto your lap, shut down your mobile and any other potential noisy disturbance and, should someone insist on an impromptu visit remember
that you are a bit spaced out and pretend that you are moving in the dark
and hang onto the chairs for support as you go to the door.
Otherwise in a real emergency you will automatically become fully alert and able.

Back to bubbles, first identify your ‘issue’ and recognise that it may consist
of many layers; and that for some people all those layers might blow away instantly
like tall towering clouds in a powerful and cleansing wind
but for others a gradual dissolving over some days is more appropriate.
Give your issue a value from a rather pathetic 1 to a dramatic 10
so that you will know if your issue has been dealt with completely
or if it needs another pass when convenient or in a few day’s time.
Close your eyes and relax either into what you recognise as a trance or a meditative sate.
If you are not practiced with these then you might like to try this relaxation skill called
Heart breathing; I teach this to Inner Mind Readers to enable them to enter the learning state.

To practice Heart Breathing: Put your fist over your heart, close your eyes,
breath in deeply and expand your chest, your spine elongating, your shoulders widening
and your head up and proud with your nose and chin horizontal to the floor.
Breathe out slowly allowing your body to curl down somewhat and say or think “Relax”.
When breathing in a second time my chest expands a little making my shoulders raise,
then I breathe out gently and my lower back seems to curl down while I say, “Soften”.
On my third breath, only my chest moves before I breathe out lazily
with my shoulders dropping and I remember to say, “Flow”.
Try this when you feel stressed or anxious – it works. 
I learned this when I did my Sports Psychology degree – so the next time you ‘know’ your golf ball 
is going in the opposite direction to your intention simply breath away that ‘knowing’.

Back to Issues: Picture your issue as the gung tangled in the magnified fibres of a clothes washing powder advertisement. Tip in your detergent and watch, and since I often can’t visualise these things I tell myself the story of the detergent releasing the bits of the issue as gung blobs that float 
to the surface of the water. How creative can your detergent be?
The more fun you have with something that is nasty the more power you have over it!
Maybe you have little tiny crabs nipping at the toes of your issue or maybe Nora the Nit Nurse
is combing them out. Why not share your best ones with me and others
– let’s have some fun and help each other cut these issues down to size.
The freed gung blobs then float to the surface of the water where the blobs,
break through and float into the air still as gungy and as horrible as ever.
Now is the time to blow some rainbow bubbles or switch on a bubble blowing machine
or invite your angels or even the BFG to blow bubbles from their magic horns.
These bubbles have the power of the colours, tones, hues and the full range
of vibrations outside of our awareness; they are filled with love, respect, freedom, joy
and everything we wish for each other. They have the ultimate power of the universe and are unconditionally supportive, they are just perfectly right for the issue that is rising out of the water. 
As the issue gung blobs rise they change colour when their surfaces share
the same space as the rainbow bubbles, sometimes they change colour
just because they are in such an accepting environment.
Keep blowing bubbles that embrace all the gung blobs thus breaking them down to their constituent parts; finally into something simply beautiful that is assimilated into the rainbow bubbles
that are blowing freely away into the skies,
your issue does not now have the form to reassemble and so it is gone forever.
You may not be bothered but at this point some of you might like to check the distress number
or value you gave regarding your issue and if there still is a number
you might like to play the bubble game in a day or so until you no longer feel the need.
Happy gung blob hunting.
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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Grow to Accept People as they Really Are.

Grow to Accept People as they Really Are.
M'reen Hunt (c) 

Midnight thoughts without the wine!

‘Grow to accept people as they are and not as you need them to be’ was the thought that concluded 
my midnight oil musings as my mind’s eye had envisioned a partially formed shell person atop
a mound of cardboard cut out idealistic others.

Earlier I’d read a variation of the advice to surround oneself with people who love and support us, 
with those who are filled with joy and light; the converse being to avoid all others?

I understand the concept but wonder; would I like you as a friend?
Possibly not if that was all you were capable of being.
What about growing in the ability to appreciate and return a hundredfold the limited love a parent 
or lover is able offer to you, just because you are you?
The memory of hugging a stranger in the street as they cried after feeling you were someone
they could trust and talk to for a few sentences before continuing with their life?
Are you able to enjoy the time someone can share with you between their being tired or ill
or continuing with their demons? The list goes on for it includes us all at times whether during the day or during periods of our life. I think we all need training wheels as we grow into finding the confidence within to be the person who loves and supports our own self esteem and that of others.
I think we all need the wind beneath our wings so that our joy and light shines through us and spills out to those around us and to be content with whom we are as we make today a holiday in the balance of life. Please find support in your journey to inner calm using the resources on my home page at Look under the aeroplane and find:
Kinesiology – I’m a great fan. Art and Rudy, energy therapists who’s free sessions I actively use. 
Faster EFT – a tapping therapy. Or Inner Mind Read all the self help books you can find in the library; the effect of which is rather like your hair slowly growing as you naturally change
to become closer to the peace and joy that just radiates from the Dalia Lama.

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