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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hay Fever or Newmarket Nose?

                                                               Shaggy horses boxing.

Hay Fever or Newmarket Nose?
M'reen Hunt (c) 

I’ve only ever experienced hay fever once on a spring visit to Albuquerque,
New Mexico, U.S.A. many years ago.
I came to live in the historic home of horseracing a few years ago. 
Each day I walked many hours taking photographs of flowers and pretty soon each time I tipped 
my head down to take a photo my nose pored somewhat like an overexcited tap.
There are 3,000 horses in over 50 stables in Newmarket and The Jockey Club meticulously tends 4,500 areas of land so most people in Newmarket are very close to these Arabs and thoroughbreds.
Progressively more and more my nose continued to drip copiously throughout the year, 
with increasing tissue use in the home.

I visited Hemel Hempstead, quite some distance away and, as usual, walked through a shaggy horse field but this time my nose began to pour. I decided to adapt an Energetic NLP technique as working with energy is limited only by your imagination, your intention and your permission to allow your desired results. (This ‘permission’ is the tricky bit and is worked on when I tutor Inner Mind Reading students – but you could just ask me.)
My solution to hay fever may seem to be a little illogical as hay fever is an irritation of the lining 
of the nose so inhaling any more of the antigen is not a sensible idea!
But I’ve never let being sensible stop me from doing {some} crazy things.
While in the shaggy horse field I ventilated my lungs as much as I possibly could imagining that through my nose I was breathing in nice, dry healing micro sponges and as I breathed out through my mouth I imagined soggy, antigen ridden, nasty, sopping wet sponges that floated away to be healed by the ultra violet light in the air. I exaggerated this breathing until I couldn’t breathe in that way anymore however I repeated this procedure a couple of times until I could do it no more.
A few days later I went through the same field again and had the same experience!
So I employed the dry magic healing sponges once more.
That was some years ago and you may be interested to know that there is a stable at the back 
of my house with LOTS of horses and yet my nose is just as dry and comfortable as it ever was.

Unfortunately any resolution to a problem sometimes needs a balance and this is a quote from 
The Daily Mail, Tuesday, September 10, 2013. Why ‘hay fever’ that never clears up may be a sign 
of lung cancer. When Karen Boniface started coughing and wheezing one summer, she immediately recognised the symptoms. Like millions of Britons, she suffers from seasonal hay fever and this time felt no different. ‘Usually I cough up phlegm, my nose runs and I tend to get chesty and wheezy – typical hay fever symptoms,’ says Karen, 53, from Studland, Dorset. ‘I had these symptoms for a few months, but I thought nothing of it: it seemed the same as the previous three years I’d had hay fever.’ Yet unknown to Karen, she was actually displaying early signs of lung cancer. The article has a note that points out that 90% of people don’t realise that a persistent cough is a key symptom of lung cancer.

On a brighter note, over the phone, I worked with a person’s 50 year old persistent cough that had baffled the medical community for years – a key clue - as the source of the cough was emotional. Five years later the cough has remained a thing of the past.

P.S. I’ve read that someone’s hay fever was an anniversary stress response. This means that each year the anniversary of a stressful period is re-enacted. Just think of bottled up emotions that cannot be expressed! A quick lifting of the head as you sniff and blink away your emotions, swollen red eyes that leak tears, a dribbley nose that requires lots of tissues, a tight throat that you can’t get your words of despair past and the held breath that tightens and lifts your chest.
Then of course there are more exotic possibilities – but another time.

People who have trouble breathing, should they choose to use the magic healing sponges should breath at a rate that is comfortable to them or they should visualise or imaging the dry healing sponges travelling through their air ways and doing their magic thing.

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