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Monday, 16 December 2013

If I was to wander this earth for eternity I would go home.

Hera was German Shepherd, Husky with a dash of wolf.
She came between me and the bear.

If I was to wander this earth for eternity I would go home.
M'reen Hunt (c) 
I’m a Brit. Full Stop.
The Home of My Heart is in Bear Creek Park, Colorado Springs, 80906.
The Frontier people walked through my breakfast kitchen in Electra Drive;
they knew that I knew that they knew that I knew they were there.
I met the bear, twice, eye to eye with my 52lb dog, Hera, between me and him;
one day the bear explored our garden on Scorpio Drive.
I’ve dreamed through the powder as it played in the pine needles
and made snow angels in my ski suit.
I watched the forked and sheet lightening while standing outside my front door
as it ignited the trees to be drowned by the rain
and felt the electric force even though the thunder was miles away.
I’ve felt the pulse of Hera’s throat as she strained against the leash
looking the wrong way as the deer was an arm’s length behind me but vanished
when I turned my head. Vanished without sound, without trace, twice in my experience,
vanished through the mountain mahogany and scrub oak and sight.
I felt the Ute, our Indian nation as I cried in a mountain meadow protected by Hera
who positioned herself between me and others should they walk too close.
I’ve rocked back with my heals on the rail of my front deck in Colorado Avenue
in a house of the prostitutes of old; the most inconvenient house ever
but one we much loved as fortune took us down the mountain.
I helped raise my English children, who were proud to swear allegiance to the flag.
If I was to wander this earth for eternity I would go home.

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