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Monday, 28 July 2014

How does hypnotherapy work?

How does hypnotherapy work? M’reen

Well, everything is about something else and without any artificial interventions such as medication, together, we help your subconscious and conscious minds to communicate freely and sort things out 
for your greatest benefit.
There really is no need to be held back by your past,                                                                                                           let it gently go and develop your own bright future. 

My expertise + your willingness = success.
You simply lie back with your eyes closed and simply let it flow, with no need to look at the issue,
as I talk to you weaving suggestion, metaphor and energy therapy.
Suggestion therapy: you accept yourself as … Great for habits, public speaking and much more. 
Metaphor: brilliant as you take what you need to resolve wide-ranging concerns in your life.
Energy: fantastic as your mind works like biological washing powder reaching
the entrenched grime and allowing it to be washed away.
Analytical therapy: successful as we go to the source of the problem and gently heal.

Your solutions lie within you.
I help you find the bridge between your conscious and subconscious minds.
Your problems and solutions are unique to you.
I facilitate only as your mind will not allow me to direct it.

The connection is missing between the logic of ‘I know this is stupid’ and the feeling of ‘I’m terrified’
and it’s my job to help you make this link as you are not aware of its existence, nor can the most sophisticated  microscope find it as it is pure energy, it found a way in so there is an easy way out.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

Monday, 21 July 2014

5 Things You Didn't Know About Stress

5 Things You Didn't Know About Stress

We all experience varying levels and lengths of stress, triggered by an array of scenarios –
some logical, others not. Managing this powerful emotional and physiological response to adverse
or demanding circumstances comes more naturally to some, but can certainly be taught
to even the most nervous of them all.
The first step to controlling stress is to know your own personal anxiety, down to its deepest core. What causes your stress? What alleviates it? What affect is it having on your mind and body
and what can you do to stop it?
To assist you on your journey of stress-discovery, here are five truths about stress
that you may not know – but definitely need to be made aware of.

1. Stress is contagious.
Anyone interacting with someone who’s stressed, especially for prolonged periods of time,
has an increased risk of being affected by empathetic stress.
Caregivers and family members of chronically stressed individuals are most at risk here,
but even watching TV shows involving confrontations of stress can transmit the tension.
This empathetic stress negatively impacts the immune system and is toxic to the mind and body
in the long term. 
Know your limits when it comes to how much stress you can healthily expose yourself to. 
Also, be cognizant of how your worry may be negatively impacting those around you.
If you reach out to a sorrowful friend, a mourning parent, or a downhearted colleague
who has suffered a sudden reversal of fortune or fate, be careful not to be 
overcome yourself by the apparent hardship.
Remember to discriminate events themselves and your interpretations of them.
It is not a demonstration of kindness or friendship to the people we care about to join them
in surrendering to negative feelings. We do a better service to ourselves and others
by remaining detached and avoiding unnecessary emotional reactions.
Still, if you are associated with someone who is depressed, stressed or hurt, show them kindness
and give them a sympathetic ear; just don’t allow yourself to be pulled down.

2. Stress is detrimental to Sperm.
Stress can and will seep into every facet of your life if you let it, including the bedroom.
Stressed men are found to have fewer, slower sperm, which can diminish fertility.
While not conclusive yet as to how stress affects the quality of semen, it is possible that stress
may trigger steroid hormones known to blunt levels of testosterone and sperm production.

3. Two stressed people equals less stress.
Seems counterintuitive, yes. But, when especially stressed, it is extremely helpful to 
share your feelings with someone who is having a similar anxious reaction to the same situation.
Consider giving a presentation at work – perhaps nothing will ease your stress more than talking it out with a colleague who is undergoing the same scenario. Studies show that there is tremendous benefit gained by conversing with others whose emotional response is in line with your own.

4. Optimists are better at regulating stress.
A glass-half-full mentality may be the ticket to a more stress-free life.
The “stress hormone” cortisol tends to be more stable for those with positive personalities. 
Pessimists have difficulty regulating their emotional and physical responses to particularly stressful situations. Optimists tend to be more solution-oriented and thus better react to the stress hormone – allowing it to amplify their get-up-and-go attitudes.

5. Not all stress is bad.
While stress is oftentimes the enemy, we can’t ignore its ability to push us to optimal alertness
and performance. Short, but significant bouts of stress cause our brains to proliferate new nerve cells that improve mental performance. Stress hormones are an incredible adaptation that provide us with the ability to remember not only anxiety-ridden situations themselves, but more importantly, how will dealt with them – ingraining us with the power of resiliency, allowing us to be ready for whatever life may throw our way. Like most things in life, stress is only beneficial in small doses. Chronic stress leads to increased risk of 
chronic obesity, heart disease and depression.

Stress is like spice - in the right proportion it enhances the flavor of a dish.
Too little produces a bland, dull meal; too much may choke you."  Donald Tubesing

Rajeev Kurapati, MD, is a Physician

Perhaps you’d like to check out my sister blogs:               this takes advantage of the experience and expertise of others.   describes the steps to reading in the way your mind prefers.        just for fun.

To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

Monday, 14 July 2014

My experience of Reflective Repatterning with Theta Healing.

Oh, my goodness!!!!

My experience of Reflective Repatterning with Theta Healing.
M'reen Hunt (c)
For the last 14 years I have explained to people that I have CFS/ME
because it is something of which people have a vague awareness.
I have never accepted that label as according to the generally accepted Canadian profile for CFS/ME
you have to show 9(?) of the 12 symptoms and I’ve not fully managed that count.
Over the last 14 years I have worked with a variety of therapists using a wide range of disciplines  one of which was Chris Millbank’s demonstration of Reflective Repattening during a webinar.
After this session and a number of year’s previously I felt 95-8% awake and functioning
for two weeks before it all collapsed.
A few weeks ago, I spent maybe 20 minutes with Roy who combined Reflective Repatterning 
with Theta Healing and had the most amazing experience.
I felt that my sternum was very badly bruised as if it had been selectively stabbed or crushed
about 8cm / 3 inches long above where you imagine your heart to be. This was almost painful.
It felt to be gouged out. Touching that area now some 8 hours later and the area feels sore.
We worked releasing this sensation until it was almost gone.
At one point I felt as though there was joyful energy trying to push the pain out.
I have never experienced painful energy before and I never expected to experience discomfort now.
I am very used to working with and releasing energy.
As a therapist I am aware that sometimes more than one session is necessary; as to release all of an issue may not be possible at once or to release all of the issue may not be in that person’s interest.
A few hours ago part of me felt tired and I know that it is foolish to ignore such a feeling.
BUT, a part of me was feeling enthusiastic (a new feeling) so as I had done when leaving Roy
I used some energy techniques of my own to release the ‘tired’ energy and welcome vibrant energy.
I have stayed awake simply because I’ve stayed awake.
While working with Roy I recalled a very early Past Life I experienced as a student of Past life Therapy and the student working with me did not do the necessary healing.
I have checked out past life reasons for my tiredness in the past and had a negative response so was this a holding onto the lack of healing in this life – even though I’ve tried to do that healing myself?
Or is my mind coming up with a reason as our minds are programmed to create reasons?
As a 9 year old girl, I was a Mayan sacrifice, to cut a long story short, my present self had no idea
that they did, in fact, gouge out the beating heart!!!!
When I went to bed I was thinking about my experience with Roy and touched my sternum
and it felt sore! I then spent quite a long time working with healing energy and the sternum area – 
not the heart chakra – felt warm and of a different shape; eventually this included my abdomen.
The Mayan’s had given me a drug to make me compliant but while I was basically catatonic
they were unaware that my abdomen was screaming with pain.
This healing took a long time until I either forgot or went to sleep.
When I awoke my thought was to welcome this vibrant day.
Vibrant being the word/energy used when working with Roy.
After a few hours awake I started to feel tired, using my pendulum I (as usual) could not confirm
a Past Life connection to my tiredness. I didn’t get a negative result to that particular life
just a neutral result. However I did get a confirmation that there was an emotional component 
which I’ve not as yet been able to release.
After lunch time I really felt that I would have to go to bed as 14 years of experience has taught me not to ‘fight’ this need however I continued with what I was doing maybe at 90% for the rest of the day. However, everything fell apart and my day time chronic fatigue was just as bad as ever.
Now, the question is: ‘was my work with Roy a waste of time?’ Absolutely not.
Some healing definitely happened it’s just that I can’t put a name to what exactly was healed.
Also, that healing may or may not be part of the jigsaw that when finished will result in
the Chronic Fatigue I experience as being at thing of the past.
You will notice that my past life experience doesn't gel exactly with Wikipedia. So!

Wikipedia:   Heart removal

During the Postclassic period (c. 900-1524) the most common form of human sacrifice was heart extraction, influenced by the method used by the Aztecs in the Valley of Mexico; this usually took place in the courtyard of a temple, or upon the summit of the pyramid-temple. The sacrifice was stripped and painted blue, which was the colour representing sacrifice, and was made to wear a peaked headdress. Four blue-painted attendants representing the four Chaacs of the cardinal directions stretched the sacrifice out over a convex stone that pushed the victim's chest upwards; An official referred to as a nacom in Landa's Relación de las cosas de Yucatán used a sacrificial knife made from flint to cut into the ribs just below the victim's left breast and pull out the still-beating heart. Ouch! The nacom then passed the heart to the officiating priest, or chilan, who smeared blood upon the image of the temple's deity. Depending upon the exact ritual, sometimes the four Chaacs would throw the corpse down the pyramid steps to the courtyard below where it would be skinned by assistant priests, except for the hands and feet. The chilan would then remove his ritual attire and dress himself in the skin of the sacrificial victim before performing a ritual dance that symbolised the rebirth of life. If it was a notably courageous warrior who had been sacrificed then the corpse would be cut into portions, and parts would be eaten by attending warriors and other bystanders. The hands and feet were given to the chilan who, if they had belonged to a war captive, wore the bones as a trophy. Achaeological investigations indicate that heart sacrifice was practised as early as the Classic period.

Perhaps you’d like to check out my sister blogs:               this takes advantage of the experience and expertise of others.      describes the steps to reading in the way your mind prefers.         just for fun.

To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”