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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Give gifts

Christmas is the time for giving gifts. WHY STOP?
M'reen Hunt (c) 

I read that a company increased the lighting in a work place and productivity increased before levelling off. They then decreased the lighting saying that it was for the employee’s benefit,
again production increased before levelling off. The reason productivity increased was because
the employees felt that someone had their interests at heart.
If there is no one around to give you a pat on the back it is a good idea to pat someone else’s back.
I read this as ‘shooting prayers’ and I use it as ‘giving gifts’. Each day, give yourself as many gifts 
as you can, a flower in someone’s garden an item in a shop window, a beautiful cloud form; 
positively look for something that pleases you and when you find it imagine holding it in your hand 
and bring your hand to your heart and say ‘thank-you.’
Now, give a gift; as someone walks by think, ‘enjoy your shopping’, ‘feel a little easier’, etc.
it really works. One client was ‘giving gifts’ in a crowded pub; the barmaid was harassed 
and she thought to her, ‘have an easier time’ the barmaid turned and gave her a beaming smile 
before returning to her task.
This is energy work and it’s free as it only takes a little thought on your part. I appreciate that that 
can be difficult in some situations so really make an effort to find something pleasing, it doesn’t matter how small, just try that little bit. To give a gift is powerful energy work and cost you nothing 
but a little awareness and kindness to yourself.
For example I asked a lady a simple question and she did her best to advise me but did not have 
the information I wanted. She ended with a sad and worried face apologising for not being more helpful. I gave her a big smile and said that she had been helpful as she’d taken me to the next step 
on my quest. She looked up into my eyes and gave me such a smile of (presumably) relief 
and gratitude that she had not been a failure so that years later I still remember the surprised feeling of joy I experienced. There is a background story to this I asked my friend to slip into our trance work the suggestion that that every time I thought a negative thought about myself that I would instantly replace that with a truer more positive thought. He is a suggestollogist (keeps repeating the same message) I am more of a ‘root out the original problem’ hypnotherapist. The first time he said these words I felt like rising from the chair and telling him not to be so stupid but I couldn’t raise enough oomph to be so childishly angry. The second time he said my requested sentence I felt little antennae rise from my head with the tips joined by an electric fizzle. And with the subsequent repetitions the antennae sunk slowly into my head as I accepted the suggestion. In the following days I had to laugh at myself as I balanced my negative self talk. Then I found that it was wonderful to find that I was balancing the negative talk of others as described above.
A client had every reason for wishing to be somewhat invisible but this had other consequences.
I was sitting opposite to her and said, “You are beautiful.” She grabbed a pillow and hid her face.
I suggested that she look in a mirror and find just one tiny teensy bit of herself to say to say,
‘my left eyebrow is beautiful’ before progressing to saying, ‘I love me.’ The ultimate being to stand naked in front of a mirror and say, ‘I love me’ while seeing your physical ‘flaws’ in the mirror.
It just takes practice. The next time she visited, I said, ‘you are beautiful’, and she hid her face behind her spread out fingers and I thought that this was tremendous progress.
I read that the great ‘they’ got two glasses of water. To one glass they said, I love you, you are pure love’, and to the other they said, ‘you are a horrible, nasty ………………’. Then they examined the water in the two glasses. The water in the ‘loved’ glass had lovely regular molecules 
while the abused glass had nasty confused ones.
Guess who has a note inside every cupboard door saying, ‘I love you, you are pure love’?
We Brits with our stiff upper lip are not very good at giving complements and some of us feel unworthy to receive them. ‘Oh, this old thing’? You reply with a faint sense of embarrassment.
When I lived in Colorado, USA people easily said, ‘ that skirt’s hot’, with a smile while continuing 
on their way. Here, I rounded an aisle in the supermarket and met a lady wearing a fabulous swirling green and orange ensemble.  I commented on how joyful she looked and whenever I saw a glimpse 
of her amongst the other drab moving shoppers she was like a ray of sunshine and happiness to me.
It is so easy to say, ‘I like your coat’ or whatever when passing someone. It is so rewarding to share your joy and to see their smile and who knows you may have brightened a sad day for someone.

Regarding giving love to water check out this information,
This is a really fascinating article documenting the work of Professor Emoto's 
studies on how different emotions affect the molecular structure of water. I had 
previously watched a documentary on this - it really is quite amazing!

Denise X

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