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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Powerful Magic of Bubbles.

                                                                  Light lightly alights.

The Powerful Magic of Bubbles.
M'reen Hunt (c)

My screen saver has drifting circles that change colour when their surfaces
share the same space but sometimes they change colour just because.
I find this to be gently fascinating and curiously relaxing as the bumping
bubbles mimic the random possibilities of beauty that our cares in life
often obscure from awareness.
As a hypnotherapist I’ve often used the power of rainbow bubbles and would now like to share
that skill with you. But first I must become the travel hostess and point out the safety features
for those of you who go into a deep trance state. Kick out the kids and cats and anything else
that might surprise you as they leap onto your lap, shut down your mobile and any other potential noisy disturbance and, should someone insist on an impromptu visit remember
that you are a bit spaced out and pretend that you are moving in the dark
and hang onto the chairs for support as you go to the door.
Otherwise in a real emergency you will automatically become fully alert and able.

Back to bubbles, first identify your ‘issue’ and recognise that it may consist
of many layers; and that for some people all those layers might blow away instantly
like tall towering clouds in a powerful and cleansing wind
but for others a gradual dissolving over some days is more appropriate.
Give your issue a value from a rather pathetic 1 to a dramatic 10
so that you will know if your issue has been dealt with completely
or if it needs another pass when convenient or in a few day’s time.
Close your eyes and relax either into what you recognise as a trance or a meditative sate.
If you are not practiced with these then you might like to try this relaxation skill called
Heart breathing; I teach this to Inner Mind Readers to enable them to enter the learning state.

To practice Heart Breathing: Put your fist over your heart, close your eyes,
breath in deeply and expand your chest, your spine elongating, your shoulders widening
and your head up and proud with your nose and chin horizontal to the floor.
Breathe out slowly allowing your body to curl down somewhat and say or think “Relax”.
When breathing in a second time my chest expands a little making my shoulders raise,
then I breathe out gently and my lower back seems to curl down while I say, “Soften”.
On my third breath, only my chest moves before I breathe out lazily
with my shoulders dropping and I remember to say, “Flow”.
Try this when you feel stressed or anxious – it works. 
I learned this when I did my Sports Psychology degree – so the next time you ‘know’ your golf ball 
is going in the opposite direction to your intention simply breath away that ‘knowing’.

Back to Issues: Picture your issue as the gung tangled in the magnified fibres of a clothes washing powder advertisement. Tip in your detergent and watch, and since I often can’t visualise these things I tell myself the story of the detergent releasing the bits of the issue as gung blobs that float 
to the surface of the water. How creative can your detergent be?
The more fun you have with something that is nasty the more power you have over it!
Maybe you have little tiny crabs nipping at the toes of your issue or maybe Nora the Nit Nurse
is combing them out. Why not share your best ones with me and others
– let’s have some fun and help each other cut these issues down to size.
The freed gung blobs then float to the surface of the water where the blobs,
break through and float into the air still as gungy and as horrible as ever.
Now is the time to blow some rainbow bubbles or switch on a bubble blowing machine
or invite your angels or even the BFG to blow bubbles from their magic horns.
These bubbles have the power of the colours, tones, hues and the full range
of vibrations outside of our awareness; they are filled with love, respect, freedom, joy
and everything we wish for each other. They have the ultimate power of the universe and are unconditionally supportive, they are just perfectly right for the issue that is rising out of the water. 
As the issue gung blobs rise they change colour when their surfaces share
the same space as the rainbow bubbles, sometimes they change colour
just because they are in such an accepting environment.
Keep blowing bubbles that embrace all the gung blobs thus breaking them down to their constituent parts; finally into something simply beautiful that is assimilated into the rainbow bubbles
that are blowing freely away into the skies,
your issue does not now have the form to reassemble and so it is gone forever.
You may not be bothered but at this point some of you might like to check the distress number
or value you gave regarding your issue and if there still is a number
you might like to play the bubble game in a day or so until you no longer feel the need.
Happy gung blob hunting.
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