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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Grow to Accept People as they Really Are.

Grow to Accept People as they Really Are.
M'reen Hunt (c) 

Midnight thoughts without the wine!

‘Grow to accept people as they are and not as you need them to be’ was the thought that concluded 
my midnight oil musings as my mind’s eye had envisioned a partially formed shell person atop
a mound of cardboard cut out idealistic others.

Earlier I’d read a variation of the advice to surround oneself with people who love and support us, 
with those who are filled with joy and light; the converse being to avoid all others?

I understand the concept but wonder; would I like you as a friend?
Possibly not if that was all you were capable of being.
What about growing in the ability to appreciate and return a hundredfold the limited love a parent 
or lover is able offer to you, just because you are you?
The memory of hugging a stranger in the street as they cried after feeling you were someone
they could trust and talk to for a few sentences before continuing with their life?
Are you able to enjoy the time someone can share with you between their being tired or ill
or continuing with their demons? The list goes on for it includes us all at times whether during the day or during periods of our life. I think we all need training wheels as we grow into finding the confidence within to be the person who loves and supports our own self esteem and that of others.
I think we all need the wind beneath our wings so that our joy and light shines through us and spills out to those around us and to be content with whom we are as we make today a holiday in the balance of life. Please find support in your journey to inner calm using the resources on my home page at Look under the aeroplane and find:
Kinesiology – I’m a great fan. Art and Rudy, energy therapists who’s free sessions I actively use. 
Faster EFT – a tapping therapy. Or Inner Mind Read all the self help books you can find in the library; the effect of which is rather like your hair slowly growing as you naturally change
to become closer to the peace and joy that just radiates from the Dalia Lama.

Perhaps you’d like to check out my sister blog
which takes advantage of the experience and expertise of others.

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