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Friday, 7 February 2014

Circular Magic Rainbow

Bildeston UK. Behind the King's Head 

Circular Magic Rainbow 
M’reen Hunt ©

Art Giser, the Creator OF Energetic-NLP suggests that you end an energy healing session
by visualising/imagining or whatever works for you a circular rainbow high above your head.
I have seen double rainbows; I have even seen two rainbows form perfect crossed arches in SN
and EW directions but a circular rainbow has always been a construct – until this afternoon.
Your circular rainbow showers you with all the colours, hues, vibrations and all the energies you cannot be aware of and these flush through your body and energy systems cleansing and healing.
Today, my circular rainbow was composed of hundreds and millions of tiny little rainbow smiles!
Can you imagine the JOY of hundreds and millions of tiny little rainbow smiles dancing through
your body and energy systems, caressing and soothing your body and energy systems?
I sincerely hope that you too may experience the playfulness of circular rainbows.

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