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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Spiritual Questing. Energetic- NLP

Go this way.

Spiritual Questing.
Art had problems with his video,
Nick's video is good, and all the audio and processes are worthwhile.
Energy works, so just imagine that this is happening at this moment in time for you
and it is highly likely that you will actually feel the energy move within you.
Even if you do not, 'it' will work for you - experience shows that this is true.
I have not joined with this webinar before so while the recording is very pure, 
Art's energy comes through and as the first process started my heart and chest felt so hot 
and continues to feel this way.
Possibly because I am trying to heal a couple of nodes in a goitre in my thyroid 
and cheat the surgeons and I feel that the seat of this energy is in my heart area.
Nick's poem is somewhat upsetting, I don't know of this is positive or not, 
so I'll just accept it and let my magnificent self deal with this energy.
This has settled into a burning that had settled into a globe under the fork of my ribs.

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