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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Letting Go Of The Past - How To Get Over The Past In Minutes

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Video Summary:
We've all had experiences we'd like to forget. While past experiences can be instructive,
re-living them and nursing the festering wound of a past event adds nothing good to your life.
Once you've learned the lesson to be had from that experience, you can choose to let it go. 

The past, while real at one time, is now just a concept, as is the future. 
The only time you have is now. 
Don't let something in the past rob you of your present productivity and happiness. 
Choose to let it go and live. 
When you have trouble letting go of the past, 
it's typically because you keep bringing it back into your life.
Identify the memory that besieges you the most. Use guided meditation to let it go 
and replace it with the present. During the guided meditation, you dwell on the present, 
which forces the past out of your consciousness. Repeated sessions of guided meditation 
will teach you how to deprive the past of the life you've inadvertently been breathing back into it.
Designing a more positive present that's too busy to dwell on the past 
can help push it out of your life. 
So can journaling, introspection, and counselling or coaching. 
Make the choice to stop reviving the past.

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