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Monday, 31 March 2014

Magic and CHOCOLATE & Hypnotherapy

             Magic and CHOCOLATE & Hypnotherapy M'reen

You might want to think cigarettes, bed wetting, fear of dogs, etc.
For children who are very young, drawing a scary dream and then putting it in prison
(or suitable concept) can be effective.

Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces
with your bare hands--and then just eat one of the pieces. -  Judith Viorst

Someone told me that a fellow hypnotherapist suggested to his client that she put certain foods 
into a prison and that now she no longer buys those foods. Magic!
Yes, this is possible, if it is right for that client at that time.
Neither you nor I can forcibly incarcerate those foods/habits/attitude/pain etc.
The work we do together can bring about the circumstances when this can be effective 
suggestion therapy for you.

Let’s take chocolate. There is no reason as to why you should never eat chocolate again in fact 
The Montignac Method of Eating regards 70% coca fat chocolate to be a beneficial food to eat. 
You will not put on weight as there is hardly any sugar.

At one time I would eat chocolate until it was finished even if I had to have a number of cups of tea 
to help it go down. A Snickers bar was my silent banner to the world that I was upset, “Hey look world, I’m upset, see I can prove it, just look at this Snickers bar,” unfortunately the world didn’t care.
Equally unfortunately, should I be upset now I have to deal with it and let it go as I can wander up and down the supermarket aisles, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, goodies and there is nothing there 
for me, nothing appeals.
Now, if someone offers me a chocolate I can casually choose to accept one or more and move on. How did all this come about? I don’t know because I haven’t specifically worked on chocolate, 
but I have worked on ‘letting go’ and I will show you how to do this in your own home.

Two people have given themselves one session on ‘chocolate’, this is not really fair to themselves 
or to me; one session might work but if ‘chocolate’ is tied in with a larger problem then we are only going to be able to work with the ‘chocolate’ part of the problem. I would rather work with the whole jigsaw, rather than just one piece and expect the rest of the pieces to fall into place and complete the picture. When we do work on the whole jigsaw, we don’t work on each individual piece as that would take far too long, we connect big massive chunks together, actually it’s your subconscious mind that works, we just undo the blocks to success.

One person chose to work with past life therapy, she went into a past life which confused me until 
we had finished the session. She moved from that past life to an incident when she was a teenager and we worked on that memory. Later I realised that the past life or past life ‘story’ gave her the life experience that she desired and could not have in this life. After this session she found that she had more choice in whether or nor she ate sweets in general. This did not solve her weight issue as it was only one piece in her jigsaw she titled ‘Weight’. This is possibly not the correct title, as weight may be a piece for the jigsaw titled ‘self-esteem, confidence, perceived destiny, protection, role model etc.’

The other person chose to work on the emotional component in her life regarding chocolate. 
In this particular case she was using colours to represent the emotions surrounding chocolate 
and we worked together to balanced these colours/emotions. She did not eat chocolate for two weeks and then decided to test herself and found herself eating chocolate. I suggested that she had shown that she could live happily without chocolate and that she do one of two things, a) deal with the rest of her chocolate issue with myself in hypnotherapy or b) use the skills she had learned
and work on it herself. She chose the latter as she knew she had some time coming 
up to concentrate on this and other areas in her life without the current stresses.
I don’t know how she has progressed, but we both know that she has the ability to succeed.

Why didn’t ‘it’ work? It did, it worked for two weeks but something got in the way, the ‘something’ in a habit situation occasionally takes a second session as you can only get rid of as much as is good for you today. For example it may be too much for you to get rid of everything in one fell swoop, 
this may be emotionally more than you are able to cope with (this is expanded upon in other areas) or those around you may become subconsciously negative if you change too rapidly, even though they really want this for you. All this sounds rather negative, but once you’ve become the person that never did X again, there is really nothing more to say. One person did not smoke for 29 years, and then she started again, why? I think there were rather good reasons and once those reasons have gone I expect that she will stop quite naturally.
If not she has proved to herself that hypnotherapy is effective.

To recap, one lady put items in prison and she no longer buys those foods.
I was a chocoholic. I used food to deal with emotions. 
One lady always bought 3-4 chocolate bars from the vendor at the station, it was suggested that she could not see the vendor; she no longer bought chocolate on her way to work.
Chocolate can be a choice, an enjoyable choice.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

Sunday, 23 March 2014

My glimpse of Death

My dad was number 6.

My glimpse of Death M’reen

Why do I include an article when we all die in the end?

Because death happens to all of us, it is not a failure
and neither is this article a story of failure, in fact it’s rather beautiful.
My reading of the Tibetan Buddhist’s idea of death is that one dies well,
that is without leaving any negative emotions that tie you to the earth plain.
If death is fearful, then that is a different issue and one that can be considered 
at anytime in life so that one can enjoy all stages of life.
Hypnotherapy or counselling and many other disciplines can help.

I met a lady three weeks or so before her death from cancer, I would not have known she was ill if I had not have been told, she had a surrounding of love 
that was recognisable to me. Also recognisable to me was the worm of fear
that I would not be such a ‘good’ and ‘courageous’ person.
Cancer through the eyes of ten women, P Duncker & V Wilson
ISBN 0 04 440980 X  recognises and exposes this worm.

There is much I cannot remember surrounding the time when my mother
died of cancer. We were unaware of the cancer during the proceeding weeks
to hospitalisation even though she was exceptionally tired. 
Although she was only 64, I think she was prepared for death and accepted death.
I think she managed her illness and death and that that was respected and accommodated by the medical personnel and chaplaincy of the hospital.
She was cared for with care at Airedale hospital.

Some years later I had a ‘dream’ regarding cancer and death that I am happy
to share. When I recounted this ‘dream experience’ to a complete non-believer 
who’s cancer had returned she found it to be ‘strangely comforting’.
I was not the sort of person ‘weird’ things happened to.

Asleep, I was suddenly aware of eyes penetrating mine,
I thought, ‘OK, I’m awake,’ and drifted off.
Then the eyes demandingly went right through my pupils, ‘OK, I’M AWAKE.’
I was aware of a tiny me standing a long way back from a vast heaven to earth curtain or time warp, behind this were bleachers, those serried ranks of benches one higher than the other, they stretched from left to right filling the scene.
On one bench sat an image I took to be my mother, my impression was of an indistinct shape wearing a white nighty type gown, a long way behind her (in time) was another figure, I took this figure to her left to be a female relative.
My mother communicated telepathically and I responded in crude, cumbersome, pedantic earth language, I felt graceless and inarticulate and little, yet understood 
and accepted. (So, was my ego still trying to get in the way?) 
Whenever a reply was require from me, I responded with,
“That’s cool”, this is NOT a phrase I use!
My present memory is that she repeated that Cancer is just part of life
and without any visible indication she asked the other lady to confirm this
and the confirmation was supportive.
She said that death was just part of life, there was no pain.

The whole experience was just so indescribably naturally peaceful.
The acceptance and universality throughout time was inclusive.

My family. I’ve never met my paternal grandfather, or Uncle Sam – yet.

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Gaze in a Crystal Ball or find Hidden Expectations effectively?

Photo taken by M'reen

Gaze in a Crystal Ball or find Hidden Expectations effectively? M'reen

In this world of plastic surgery, Photoshop and testimonials etc., I find an increasing pressure that can lead to misunderstandings, assumptions and destroying guilt.
May I give some examples?

If the person with whom I have a relationship says that they are cold I immediately jump up and turn up the heat. This is only polite and considerate?
1.       I do not wonder why they have not taken responsibility for themselves.
2.       I do not wonder why they have not considered my comfort.
3.       I do not wonder if it is the physical temperature that is too low
        or what they may really need is a hug.
4.       I berate myself for not having a comfortable temperature in the first place.
5.       I do not ask if the temperature is now comfortable.
6.       My pride in freezing my butt off because I thought the person’s comfort
  was far more important than my own has now been devalued.
7.       My resentment in having delicately shivered and my discomfort not being noticed
  increases in my obligation to ‘care’ for their comfort.
8.       Etc.

A classic is: does the toilet roll run over the top or down the wall?
I’ve discovered that for me it depends on the physical aspects of the toilet roll holder, wall and toilet.
A person was a down- the- wall guy and one day the toilet paper rolled over the top.
‘Oh’, the thought was, ‘after 20 years I must have made a mistake’ and put the toilet roll back down the wall from which it magically escaped to roll over the top again.
Magic fairies? Or 20 odd years of one partner not expressing themselves and being unable
to verbalise their feelings in this particular issue or in the relationship in general?
Is war engaged, does one defer to the other with or without resentment
or is this an opportunity for discussion and understanding?
A compromise was arranged that did not deal with the emotional energies being expressed.
The compromise? Whoever changed the roll arranged it to their preference and that arrangement was respected and maybe that did deal with those particular emotional energies.

Hidden Expectations     In    Life events.
not only don’t expect your partner to use a crystal ball,
don’t use one yourself  when considering:
Marriage      Children      Birth    
   Separation     Divorce      Relationship
       Truth              Sex              Household jobs
           Decisions       Guilt              Complements  

Clarify your subconscious thoughts by honestly taking the time to fill in this very private survey
of your subconscious mind.
The more difficult the answers are to find, then the deeper you are delving.
What she wants of herself.                         
I want to climb the career ladder.
What she expects of her.                            
Three children before I’m 30.
What she wants of him.                              
To be a full time father and share chores
What she expects of him.                            
Earn enough money for a live in nanny.
What she thinks he wants of her.              
To be happy and pretty.
What she thinks he expects of her.          
To be the perfect society hostess.
What she thinks he thinks she wants.    
To be protected from…
What she thinks he thinks she expects.
To move up in society

Conscious Expects > generally the (outside of ourselves) expectation of others.  
Subconscious Wants > our deep inner needs that may make no sense at all.         
Then, if it is appropriate, ask the other person/s to share some or all of their findings.

Take one of your wants or expectation and find as many reasons for it as you can.
The more you find then the better and deeper will be your understanding
 a) Cares about his physical, emotional and spiritual health.
 b) He is able to express his thoughts and feelings.
 c) He is secure in his sexuality.

 d) Has a compatible sense of humour.

 e) To be able to dance would be nice.

 f) Is creative.

g) We have compatible aesthetic tastes.




You have probably created this list with the first things that have come to mind
and so you think that this list is naturally in order of importance.
 You could be in for a big surprise!

Now take ‘a’ and tick which is most important a or b? B, so put a tick in b
Take ‘a’ and tick which is most important a or c? A, so put a tick in a
Take ‘a’ and tick which is most important a or d? A, so put a tick in a
Take ‘a’ and tick which is most important a or e? A, so put a tick in a
Work down to ‘g’ or your last point if you can come up with a much longer list that this.
 Now take ‘b’ and tick which is most important ‘b’ or ‘c’? B, so put a tick in b
 Continue with ‘b’ to the end and then start on ‘c’ to the end, etc.
Now you can add up how many ticks each statement has and feel very sure that this is your hierarchy of needs with the most important need having the most ticks.

These are two clarifying exercises we might use in Life Coaching or Stress and Anxiety Management,
I learned the first one when I studied psycho/sexual hypnotherapy.
They quickly find the most important areas to consider in your relationship with yourself,
your partner/s in life, family, work etc. and your future aspirations.

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Introduction to Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
A practical overview of Turbo Charged Reading YouTube  
How to choose a book. A Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
Emotions when Turbo Charged Reading YouTube

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

Monday, 17 March 2014

Vibrant wanderings

I enjoyed painting this especially as it brings brings sunshine and freedom into my house.

Vibrant wanderings. M'reen

As you can see I like clear vibrant colours; or do I need pure vibrant colours?
I live in a tiny little house which is two minutes to north and so if I want sunshine I have to sit
next to an upstairs window and look out.
Or like others who are thus orientated, I leave the front door open and sit on the step with a cup
of tea and a book. In ‘the good old days’ when people lived in the same house for many years
or generations the front door step was the social hub for the women and children.
I remember donkey stoning my mamam’s (my mam’s mam – or grandmom) front door step.
Your front doorstep was a symbol of pride unlike the slovenly people of today who leave their wheeli bins on the front street or in their front garden. The front door step was scrubbed and outlined 
with a donkey stone which was a soft  bar of stone that left a creamy edge to the step.
I had to look it up, a donkey stone was a type of scouring block, used mostly in the mill towns
of the North of England to clean stone steps;  I found the short history to be interesting.
When they demolished the old terrace houses and replaced them with tower blocks or houses with out front door steps communities broke down and depression and associated social ills escalated.
Yesterday saw me sat on my doorstep in this unseasonable March weather  and a dog walking lady stopped to talk about my happy gardens and life in general – how nice.
But we English are a strange lot, but I don’t know about other people. We are often wary about conversing with strangers unless we are protected by a dog, child or front door step.  However
I don’t speak Spanish or have a word of, presumably Arabic, but I have been clearly propositioned
in both languages when I lived in Marbella.
Ah, Marbella, I used to wake up to the sunshine ricocheting off the pure white walls, walk for half
an hour down into town 2 or 3 times a day with a three –quarter of an hour walk back. I used to take 
a book into the mountains on weekends and read once to be silently surrounded by a flock of goats.
But the home of my heart is Colorado Springs, CO. USA where we had 35? days of sunshine, where on Christmas day my youngest daughter was out in shorts and a T-shirt and her new roller boots. Where you could go for a barbecue and note that the fence posts were wearing white frost socks.
At certain times of the year you’d watch the sun creep towards the mountains because once the sun vanished behind these magnificent curtains it was as if someone had switched out a light and
you knew that you had ten minutes to pack up and go home before the cold became really cold.
If you were indoors at this time you’d glance up wondering who had switched off the light.
Artist wax wonderfully about the light of the sea, but I will pitch for the light of mountains. Even a lifelong resident once held up a postcard to the sky and found that the blue sky really was that blue.
And on an 80 mile journey To Denver airport, my eldest daughter was torn between wanting to return while wanting to stay and she watched the sky finding one small cloud as we reached the airport. English clouds form castles in the air, weave dreams, challenge artists and express moods and dictate the urgency of those dependent upon the weather. In Colorado they are to be noticed and gain that notice in intriguing ways. I saw a single small cloud that was hosting its own lightening storm as the bolts shot out of its confines only to dive back again into the fray. In the dead of night when the stars shine silver white and close by sometimes there would be a black hole that allowed you 
to go straight to heaven; it took me ages to figure out that a cloud was blocking the stars.
Prior to this when the sky was a royal blue lack ink that washed the sky, the mountains the sides
of which were bristles with pine looked like black blotting paper that had been torn into silhouettes that had been pasted onto the sky. Even earlier in the evening, during summer when it was more comfortable to walk in the early evening, the sky would be a gentle green and at this time of year 
the rainbows put on a spectacular show, with really broad almost oblong blocks of colour 
and there were many double rainbows of varying intensity but the most memorable was 
standing under a double arched rainbow with one arching N to S and the other E to W

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

Saturday, 15 March 2014

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Possible causes of Migraine and Headaches.

Possible causes of Migraine and Headaches. M'reen

No therapist will work with migraines or headaches without your doctor first clearing 
any physical concerns.

Your house 1.
Your house may suffer from ‘Sick house syndrome’ this means that it is oozing chemicals
from the modern materials it is composed of or that you have imported or use.
This is something you are going to have to research.

Your house 2.
Your house may be affected by ley lines, past lives, geo stresses, standby lights, electromagnetic
and other energies for which there are a number of practitioners who can work remotely
to make your house a comfortable place.
One idea that has worked for a number of clients is to place a pot plant in the room to be cleared,
or at least a few spoonfuls of earth with the window open slightly (air) and a tea candle (fire)
in a dish of water (preferably 2 gold or yellow candles and a white one in separate dishes of water) 
so that you have all four elements. Close the door and go out for a few hours.
Using dowsing rods I did help a lady of the 1800’s go to the light to be with her two children
from a bed room in the Crooked House in Lavenham UK.
And someone ‘saw’ disgruntles elementals outside and in a certain area of my house.
I found that these friends of the house were very unhappy with the dead branches I was using
in my new little gardens to keep off the cats until my plants had time to become established.

Food becomes acidic or alkaline in your body; your body works best within a pH range.  
Caffeine, red meat, citrus and other fruits make for an acidic environment which may be expressed 
as migraine or gout etc. Interestingly grapefruit, limes and lemons become alkaline in the body.
It may be useful for you to examine The Hay method of eating to improve your weight and health.
We wake with a more acidic body and that is a prime reason for people needing that first cigarette.
You can buy 100 urine testing strips off the internet for around £10. If you record what you eat for each meal and test your urine every time you go to the toilet you may find as I did that Darjeeling tea had a neutral effect but two cups of a barley / chicory / rye drink brought my urine back down 
into the recommended pH level.
Magnesium and other deficiencies can play a significant role in your well being and these levels 
can rapidly change.
The medical term for an icecream headache is sphenoplatine ganglioneuralgia

Nasal mask.
I wear a sleep mask all night that forces air up my nose to prevent sleep apnoea; sometimes I wake with a headache that my energy work will not move and neither will staying in bed without the mask. The only solution is to get up and move.  So move. A walk outside, especially near trees as they can bring your blood pressure down or stand on grass with your bare feet. If this is not possible then create a scrap book of natural scenes or put pictures of trees, mountains, the sky or sea on the inside of doors that you open often. Have a webcam of a harbour, from a mountain top or a bird hide playing on your computer or TV screen or a fish tank, no matter how small. For those with failing eyesight and physical ability a soft toy with soothing textures can be really lovely as can be a pet.

Period migraines can be helped with hypnotherapy and other therapeutic disciplines.
Post sexual migraines. Check this out on the internet.

Periodical or Weekend migraines.
Eventually you need to deal with the originating stress. You may find the Grounding by Centering in Your Space article at November 2013 to be helpful.
One lady found that her migraine was at day 3 stage after just repeating, ‘I release this headache’ during only one run through while we ate breakfast.

Past life, This life trauma.
A person had 30 odd years of 4-5 days of crippling migraines. When bales of hay were of a size that could be lifted by hand and this person was 16 years old and a friend dropped a bale from a height onto his head; the bale skimmed down his back and for that second he thought he was going to die. Once I’d found the originating event it took only a few minutes to do the healing to release this death fear.

Monday, 10 March 2014

The Magnesium and Arthritis Connection

The Magnesium and Arthritis Connection

The Magnesium and Arthritis Connection The most interesting fact about magnesium is that when there is a deficiency, the white blood cells in the body markedly increase the cytokines responsible for inflammation. They also increase histamine levels.

What this means to your joints is there’s trouble ahead. Magnesium deficiency causes inflamed joints, which lead to pain in your joints. Chronic inflammation will eventually break down any healthy tissue in your joints.

Tissues that are inflamed send out distress signals to white blood cells to come in to the area to help repair them. However, once these white blood cells get to the tissue in distress, they create even more cytokines that cause greater levels of inflammation.

Magnesium stops this process.

The Magnesium/Inflammation Connection Established in Research Studies Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina discovered that C-reactive protein (CRP) levels were much higher in those who had a magnesium deficiency and only consumed about 310-420 mg magnesium daily. This is about 50% of the estimated daily value needed to maintain good health.

C-Reactive Protein is considered a strong predictor of heart attacks, stroke and inflammation in the body.

The bad news is that a magnesium deficiency also damaged blood vessels as well, due to the inflammation. Researchers believe that a deficiency of this important element induces stress in the whole body, which exaggerates aging processes through oxidation and immune system stress.

And it doesn’t take months for these negative results to occur. In studies, only a few days of low levels of magnesium was enough to cause marked inflammation. Magnesium replacement reversed the inflammation.

Could it be that many of us are deficient in magnesium? Absolutely. Foods in the diet only provide little bits of magnesium here and there. No one food is especially high in the mineral. Green leafy vegetables and nuts contain higher amounts than other foods, but still are not high enough if your body is showing a deficiency.

What are the Deficiency Symptoms? Here are the magnesium deficiency signs and symptoms:

• Muscle twitching

• Tremors in the body

• Confusion and being overly cautious

• Depression

• Irritability

• Disorientation

Many health issues such as heart disease, arthritis, attention deficit syndrome, deafness, constipation, and kidney stones are related to low levels of magnesium in the body.

Perhaps the easiest way to see if you are deficient in magnesium is to rub magnesium oil on your joints and see what happens. In those who are deficient, the muscles relax instantly and the arthritis nodules and joints are not tender to the touch. This isn’t an official “medical” test for a magnesium deficiency but it can give you and your doctor a clue as to what to do next.

Correcting a magnesium deficiency can make a remarkable difference in your arthritis. Discuss the topic with your doctor and nutritionist today.