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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Arthritis, is its inception in your mind?

She is decorating my former Tudor home. The Tudor period stretched from 1485 to 1603
You see what you expect to see, yet in reality she is a mop head.

Arthritis, is its inception in your mind? M'reen Hunt

Unpalatable though it is, there is a theory that everything that happens to us, both the physical and emotional pain we experience is a result of the way in which we perceive and subsequently inter-react with our personal world. Those who accept transgenerational and past life influences extend this possibility, and may also include the choices we may make to aid our spiritual development. All of these influences can be described in some way as coming from within us and affect our perceptions of events and the result of those understandings.
Remember that this also is the basis of our good qualities and experiences.
It must be added that further to this, some would accept the external influences of attached entities that is earthbound spirits etc. There is also the thought that as DNA strives to generate a uniform but unique body, so that body also has a blueprint for perfect physical health and in addition to this is a spirit that strives for perfect spiritual growth.
When I was a child I used to wander how the milk of magnesia we were dosed with knew what it was supposed to be curing this time. For another family the magical potion  was a Beacham’s powder and I used Minidex with my eldest child.
How is it possible that these medications might work universally? Well, physically I suppose, they may or may not have provided some useful ingredient that helped or at least did not hinder healing at that time. In practice their main effect may have been similar to the kiss that makes everything better, both for the kisser and the kissee.
I have been told that a company increased the lighting on the shop floor and productivity went up, but eventually levelled off and returned to its previous level. So, they returned the lighting to its original level and productivity went up. The conclusion drawn was that the workers felt cared for and responded accordingly.
This is a little like the police using smiles, kit-kats or fried sardines to anticipate a positive outcome with potentially troublesome groups of people. The smiles were Dutch, the kit-kats were given by the English and the sardines belonged to the Portuguese police.

 What has all this to do with arthritis and hypnotherapy?
Patience, I’m getting there.
There are the physical aspects of arthritis and associated conditions to be considered in just the same way as a broken leg is a broken leg and is more appropriately treated in a hospital setting. However, hypnotherapy can help speed up the healing of that leg and make the healing process much more comfortable. I have read that the arthritic fingers with gold rings are less severely affected than the opposite fingers that are ring free and I’ve also read that certain supplements can be beneficial. The first appears to be an entirely physical outcome while the second could rely on the advantages of the placebo effect. Or maybe the rings and supplements have both a physical and emotional effect, science will tell, eventually.

I will offer five examples that indicate to me that it could be advisable to check the emotional component of a concern as well as the physical.
1.  One lady had an impressive collection of gloves, because she always had cold hands. We found that she had a childhood memory of having mislaid her gloves and enduring a very cold playtime. With the appropriate re framing (or re-understanding and accepting) of that incident her hands now are just as warm or as cold as the hands of others.
2.  Each time I returned to England, within days I got pains in my knees that vanished when I returned to my mountain home in the US. Later, living in the UK for seven unhappy months, the pain in my knees was accompanied by a dull swelling ache in my hands. My hands returned to normal with the salty warmth of the Mediterranean, but my knees insisted on continuing to twinge. In Marbella I met a hypnotherapist who told me that this was because I couldn’t run away from something. I thought, ‘How ridiculous, what do I want to run away from?’ I later joined a group he had formed and during the induction (the relaxing into trance bit) he invited us to progressively relax our bodies from our heads down to our toes, he then worked from our toes to our heads suggesting healing. I had had no previous experience of hypnotherapy and had no idea as to what was possible or how things might work, but when he got to my knees, I repeated the thought, ‘pain go, pain go,’ and for the next fifteen minutes or so I experienced lava lamp bubbles (of pain) float up from my knees to my thighs. When they reached my hips I experienced a little panic and wondered what to do next so I thought, ‘dissipate, dissipate,’ and that is exactly what must have happened. I experienced an occasional bubble through the evening and one or two the following morning and was completely free of any knee pain until I returned to England. The pain returned and cutting to the chase I visited a physiotherapist/hypnotherapist who told me that I was standing with my shoulder blades sticking out from my ribs. She taped my scapulas into place and I experienced a stabbing pain down my right side and knee to my ankle and found that this postural balancing removed all the knee pain.
This demonstrates the complementary value of physical and emotional therapy.
Amusingly I wondered if my scapulas sticking out were little wings so that I could fly away from my problems?
 3.  A friend has fingertips that shoot up as opposed to continuing straight and this deformation is the result of four years of ‘arthritis’. Originally, she went to her doctor as she was experiencing pain, he told her that she had arthritis and they experimented with prescriptions to find one that was suitable to her. He told her that she was destined to a wheel chair and in fact at one point she had to ask her youngest child to move her feet in bed. She had medication in every bag and in a pocket of every coat she possessed, as she could not manage more that a prescribed number of hours without medication.
One day she had a telephone conversation with her friend asked who’d diagnosed her condition and was her doctor a specialist in this field, what had she been doing before she started experiencing this pain which took her to the surgery? Our friend has a phobia with Stanley knives and she had spent until the wee small hours using scissors and her knees to fit carpet in her hall, lounge, stairs and bedroom. I defy anyone unused to such activities not to wake up with painful hands and knees. That night she didn’t take her medication and hasn’t taken it since. Without that conversation she would be in a wheelchair as prescribed by her doctor.
Accepting the power of an authority figure, in this case her doctor, is one of the five entry points to the mind; the alpha state of hypnotherapy can utilise this and the other three gateways, interestingly the authority we in use hypnotherapy is the authority of yourself. The other enters points are: 3. Habit 4. Strong emotion and 5. Hero worship.   
4.  After an x-ray a doctor told me that I have osteoporosis in my neck and I understood her to say that eventually I will be in pain and that ultimately the medication will not ease this pain. There was no complementary or alternative therapeutic advice offered. Needless to say I’m not happy with an authority figure condemning me to consuming pain. Time will tell, but has not done so in the last eight years. In the mean time I can do many things to help myself. Disgusted with my doctor’s lack of support that might prevent or delay her prognosis I decided to use my skills with self-hypnosis.
I am consciously aware of three events in my life that may have been the cause of my neck condition; it is reasonable to assume that there may be an adverse emotional component attached to one or more of these physical event which caused the eventual displacement of a couple of cervical vertebrae. I relaxed into trance, but my mind didn’t follow its usual route of dumping the emotions surrounding an event pictorially, instead I experienced myself ‘physically’ moving my head into a safe position and thinking, ‘I’m safe’ and this ‘solved’ one of the three events. The result is that now I can press my hand hard onto the back of my head without discomfort whereas for many years I have not been able to put my hand close to the back of my head without experiencing discomfort. Now all I have to do is melt away the build up of calcified salts and restore my vertebrae to optimum alignment and I’m home free! However, I’ve not actively worked on this.
5.  I read the following in a book; apparently a lady was refused an operation on her spine as it was deemed to be too dangerous.  She then went to see a past life therapist and while in trance she had a this-life experience. When she was a young child her father had run amok with an axe killing his family. During this time she had crouched down behind the toilet door; her father had pushed open the door but fortunately he never looked behind it. When the healing of this event had been achieved her back uncurled from that terrified crouching position. I have no idea if this was instantly or her back uncurled over a period of weeks or years.

With the exception of the last one, I have given you personal trivial to serious examples of the unconscious physical manifestation of emotional trauma or expectations.

I welcome your experiences in these areas as it is only in sharing our experiences that we can take a more holistic approach to informed self responsibility and self healing. Remember that the most important aspect of any therapeutic healing is your readiness and acceptance of that healing and your partnership with the therapy or therapist.
There are many different sorts of therapies that work with the releasing of blocked energy that expresses itself physically, emotionally or spiritually and some you will be drawn to more than others to help you remove any blocks to accepting that relief.  Hypnotherapy is one of the therapeutic interventions I use that allows direct communication with your creative inner mind; and your inner mind knows where the root of the problem is because all of your life’s experiences are stored there. When working with the body’s self healing the therapist understands that each cell
has its own intelligence and it is this body/mind/spiritual intelligence that works in concert as when dealing with the mind/body connection our thoughts are energy and our bodies respond to what we think of ourselves.

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