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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Possible causes of Migraine and Headaches.

Possible causes of Migraine and Headaches. M'reen

No therapist will work with migraines or headaches without your doctor first clearing 
any physical concerns.

Your house 1.
Your house may suffer from ‘Sick house syndrome’ this means that it is oozing chemicals
from the modern materials it is composed of or that you have imported or use.
This is something you are going to have to research.

Your house 2.
Your house may be affected by ley lines, past lives, geo stresses, standby lights, electromagnetic
and other energies for which there are a number of practitioners who can work remotely
to make your house a comfortable place.
One idea that has worked for a number of clients is to place a pot plant in the room to be cleared,
or at least a few spoonfuls of earth with the window open slightly (air) and a tea candle (fire)
in a dish of water (preferably 2 gold or yellow candles and a white one in separate dishes of water) 
so that you have all four elements. Close the door and go out for a few hours.
Using dowsing rods I did help a lady of the 1800’s go to the light to be with her two children
from a bed room in the Crooked House in Lavenham UK.
And someone ‘saw’ disgruntles elementals outside and in a certain area of my house.
I found that these friends of the house were very unhappy with the dead branches I was using
in my new little gardens to keep off the cats until my plants had time to become established.

Food becomes acidic or alkaline in your body; your body works best within a pH range.  
Caffeine, red meat, citrus and other fruits make for an acidic environment which may be expressed 
as migraine or gout etc. Interestingly grapefruit, limes and lemons become alkaline in the body.
It may be useful for you to examine The Hay method of eating to improve your weight and health.
We wake with a more acidic body and that is a prime reason for people needing that first cigarette.
You can buy 100 urine testing strips off the internet for around £10. If you record what you eat for each meal and test your urine every time you go to the toilet you may find as I did that Darjeeling tea had a neutral effect but two cups of a barley / chicory / rye drink brought my urine back down 
into the recommended pH level.
Magnesium and other deficiencies can play a significant role in your well being and these levels 
can rapidly change.
The medical term for an icecream headache is sphenoplatine ganglioneuralgia

Nasal mask.
I wear a sleep mask all night that forces air up my nose to prevent sleep apnoea; sometimes I wake with a headache that my energy work will not move and neither will staying in bed without the mask. The only solution is to get up and move.  So move. A walk outside, especially near trees as they can bring your blood pressure down or stand on grass with your bare feet. If this is not possible then create a scrap book of natural scenes or put pictures of trees, mountains, the sky or sea on the inside of doors that you open often. Have a webcam of a harbour, from a mountain top or a bird hide playing on your computer or TV screen or a fish tank, no matter how small. For those with failing eyesight and physical ability a soft toy with soothing textures can be really lovely as can be a pet.

Period migraines can be helped with hypnotherapy and other therapeutic disciplines.
Post sexual migraines. Check this out on the internet.

Periodical or Weekend migraines.
Eventually you need to deal with the originating stress. You may find the Grounding by Centering in Your Space article at November 2013 to be helpful.
One lady found that her migraine was at day 3 stage after just repeating, ‘I release this headache’ during only one run through while we ate breakfast.

Past life, This life trauma.
A person had 30 odd years of 4-5 days of crippling migraines. When bales of hay were of a size that could be lifted by hand and this person was 16 years old and a friend dropped a bale from a height onto his head; the bale skimmed down his back and for that second he thought he was going to die. Once I’d found the originating event it took only a few minutes to do the healing to release this death fear.

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