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Monday, 31 March 2014

Magic and CHOCOLATE & Hypnotherapy

             Magic and CHOCOLATE & Hypnotherapy M'reen

You might want to think cigarettes, bed wetting, fear of dogs, etc.
For children who are very young, drawing a scary dream and then putting it in prison
(or suitable concept) can be effective.

Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces
with your bare hands--and then just eat one of the pieces. -  Judith Viorst

Someone told me that a fellow hypnotherapist suggested to his client that she put certain foods 
into a prison and that now she no longer buys those foods. Magic!
Yes, this is possible, if it is right for that client at that time.
Neither you nor I can forcibly incarcerate those foods/habits/attitude/pain etc.
The work we do together can bring about the circumstances when this can be effective 
suggestion therapy for you.

Let’s take chocolate. There is no reason as to why you should never eat chocolate again in fact 
The Montignac Method of Eating regards 70% coca fat chocolate to be a beneficial food to eat. 
You will not put on weight as there is hardly any sugar.

At one time I would eat chocolate until it was finished even if I had to have a number of cups of tea 
to help it go down. A Snickers bar was my silent banner to the world that I was upset, “Hey look world, I’m upset, see I can prove it, just look at this Snickers bar,” unfortunately the world didn’t care.
Equally unfortunately, should I be upset now I have to deal with it and let it go as I can wander up and down the supermarket aisles, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, goodies and there is nothing there 
for me, nothing appeals.
Now, if someone offers me a chocolate I can casually choose to accept one or more and move on. How did all this come about? I don’t know because I haven’t specifically worked on chocolate, 
but I have worked on ‘letting go’ and I will show you how to do this in your own home.

Two people have given themselves one session on ‘chocolate’, this is not really fair to themselves 
or to me; one session might work but if ‘chocolate’ is tied in with a larger problem then we are only going to be able to work with the ‘chocolate’ part of the problem. I would rather work with the whole jigsaw, rather than just one piece and expect the rest of the pieces to fall into place and complete the picture. When we do work on the whole jigsaw, we don’t work on each individual piece as that would take far too long, we connect big massive chunks together, actually it’s your subconscious mind that works, we just undo the blocks to success.

One person chose to work with past life therapy, she went into a past life which confused me until 
we had finished the session. She moved from that past life to an incident when she was a teenager and we worked on that memory. Later I realised that the past life or past life ‘story’ gave her the life experience that she desired and could not have in this life. After this session she found that she had more choice in whether or nor she ate sweets in general. This did not solve her weight issue as it was only one piece in her jigsaw she titled ‘Weight’. This is possibly not the correct title, as weight may be a piece for the jigsaw titled ‘self-esteem, confidence, perceived destiny, protection, role model etc.’

The other person chose to work on the emotional component in her life regarding chocolate. 
In this particular case she was using colours to represent the emotions surrounding chocolate 
and we worked together to balanced these colours/emotions. She did not eat chocolate for two weeks and then decided to test herself and found herself eating chocolate. I suggested that she had shown that she could live happily without chocolate and that she do one of two things, a) deal with the rest of her chocolate issue with myself in hypnotherapy or b) use the skills she had learned
and work on it herself. She chose the latter as she knew she had some time coming 
up to concentrate on this and other areas in her life without the current stresses.
I don’t know how she has progressed, but we both know that she has the ability to succeed.

Why didn’t ‘it’ work? It did, it worked for two weeks but something got in the way, the ‘something’ in a habit situation occasionally takes a second session as you can only get rid of as much as is good for you today. For example it may be too much for you to get rid of everything in one fell swoop, 
this may be emotionally more than you are able to cope with (this is expanded upon in other areas) or those around you may become subconsciously negative if you change too rapidly, even though they really want this for you. All this sounds rather negative, but once you’ve become the person that never did X again, there is really nothing more to say. One person did not smoke for 29 years, and then she started again, why? I think there were rather good reasons and once those reasons have gone I expect that she will stop quite naturally.
If not she has proved to herself that hypnotherapy is effective.

To recap, one lady put items in prison and she no longer buys those foods.
I was a chocoholic. I used food to deal with emotions. 
One lady always bought 3-4 chocolate bars from the vendor at the station, it was suggested that she could not see the vendor; she no longer bought chocolate on her way to work.
Chocolate can be a choice, an enjoyable choice.

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