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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

How To Become Successful - The Secrets That Everyone Overlooks

You have to admit that dandelions are very successful.

Video Summary:
What do you want to do when you grow up? Or more appropriately perhaps,

WHO do you want to be? Clearly a question so central to identity merits extensive consideration. 
But equally important to identifying a career path, one must acquire the tools for success.

Success in a career and in life is no accident.
Studying those who have been successful enables us to identify the techniques that they share.

There is a psychology of success and you can adopt it for your life.
Hard work, not surprisingly, is requisite for achieving and maintaining any success.
But the hardest work you will ever do will be in personal development.
More than simply picking a career path, choose what you'll master. 
You must commit to excel both in your career and in mastery of self, consistent with your scruples.

Also figure out what you definitely don't want to do. Know what life-style will accompany
your chosen career, and whether that's going to be acceptable for the long-term.

Align your career with your life purpose and beliefs.
If your values and your occupation are at cross-purposes,
you'll never succeed nor be happy doing it.

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