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Monday, 4 August 2014

Dalai Lama >Art Giser >M'reen

Photo taken by M'reen

Chronic Fatigue healed by the Dalai Lama via Art Giser to Myself.
M'reen Hunt 
In 2010 I took levels 1 and 2 of Art Gieser’s Energetic- NLP programme held in London;
and since then I’ve tuned into many of his webinars
and my experiences have ranged from nothing perceptible to being really profound.
I must point out that ‘nothing perceptible’ does not mean that ‘nothing’ happened.
When Art is explaining his background he always mentions that he’s had two Empowerments
by the Dalai Lama; the person outside of my  immediate experience that I admire most in the world.
Later in this particular session, unusually, someone asked Art to describe his own development.
Art briefly re-mentioned his Empowerments by the Dalai Lama
and I immediately experienced a strong Line from the Dalai Lama to Art and a slightly lesser line from Art to myself and maybe my after thoughts or ego may have added a fainter line
directly from the Dalai Lama to myself.

Regardless as to what any healing presenter is working with
I always work with relieving the Chronic Fatigue that I’ve struggled with for the last 14-15 years.
I have refused to accept the label of CFS/ME during this time even though the fullness of my life
has been compromised. I have worked extensively with myself and a wide variety of practitioners using different healing modalities.

Curiously some days before Art’s webinar my doctor informed me that people who have CFS/ME
do loose muscle mass and that it becomes increasingly difficult for them to use what muscle
they have and that it takes longer for the body to heal.
This came as a really big shock to me and the implications for my future life were most unpleasant!
I really needed time to morn my assumed lack of potential while recognising the trials
and challenges I do not have that others have to contend with daily.
Therefore I was feeling obliged to recognise and accept CFS/ME and its limitations
as increasing the things I simply cannot do or achieve in my current and future life.

What did I experience when this line formed from the Dalia Lama through Art to myself?

I guess the Dalai Lama was positioned in front and a little to my left at about 7 minutes to.
Art, was quite strong, and positioned closer to the Dalai Lama than myself
at 13/14 minutes to the hour but at a line drawn down from 10 to 20 to the hour to me.
The line from Art to myself was like a splash back, an excess of energy that came to me
or that Art was my connection with the Dalai Lama.
I felt energy in my head as is often usual and this is a confusion of energy that cannot escape.
The energy passed down my body in, for want of a better description, a square tube which became tapered and ended about 3 inches below my navel as a definite hook pointing forwards.
At this time, I tried to influence healing; an understandable but not recommended action?
As I write this I can feel great warmth around my navel which is always pleasing.
I urged the healing tube up to my throat where things stopped and often do stop,
I think the healing radiated out in spokes. Right now an area in my throat feels constricted.
I think I got the healing higher where it again radiated out in spokes.

I could give a daily account of my subsequent experience
however I think that is only interesting to me.
The reason I write this is because accounts I have read stop at the healing
and I often wonder what happened afterwards.

Day 5 I am tired, but, like the previous days I’ve simply not got around to going to bed.
Previously : I know that a half hour timed sleep will not work,
                   I know that ignoring my tiredness or trying to work through it will not work.
I therefore used my pendulum to dowse if I should either:
~  Wait for the Healing from the Dalai Lama through Art take its natural time.
~  Use the programme I bought from Art.
~  Use one of the other healing MP3 programmes I have.
~ Use my own skills.
I received a strong positive response to letting the healing mature in its own time.
I got the neutral position with the other questions but that these would be independently beneficial.
My ‘fear’ was based on my two previous experiences of being 95% free of CF for 
some part of two weeks before everything collapsed.

29 days later.
At first my body was so very physically tired,
after all, it was suddenly being expected to be vertical for 14 consecutive hours!
This tiredness reduced to a number of five minute periods throughout the day.
These reduced to once a day and during these periods I admit to feeling a despairing panic as I was afraid of everything collapsing and being consumed by the tiredness that had blighted my life.
However, from the moment of healing I was absolutely confident that the healing was complete and that I could plan my day and future as a person who naturally expects to be awake for their full day.
For the last three days I’ve not experienced this five minutes of tiredness even though
I don’t wake in the morning feeling refreshed and my muscles still are weak.

I am so very, very grateful to regain my life. 
Unfortunately, this healing didn't hold.

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