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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Are Miracles Inconsistent with Science and Logic?

Are Miracles Inconsistent with Science and Logic?

If you mention the word ‘miracle’ to almost any one from the West you’ll get a variety of reactions. Some people may laugh at you and call you superstitious. Others may tell you to step into the 21st century. Still others may argue with you about the scientific impossibility of miraculous events.

Compatible with Science and Logic or Not?

Many people believe that miraculous things are possible, but they are too often viewed as 
anti-science and anti-logic. But are they? The real question is whether or not miracles 
are opposed to Science and Logic. Do they contradict all the scientific advancements 
that have been made in the modern age? Or is it simply that they exist above and beyond rational explanations, in a realm that cannot YET be explained? You might not be able to put them under 
a microscope or measure miraculous things in a test tube, but is it possible to embrace 
both logic and miracles?

Joy and Wonder

Miracles go beyond the intellectualism which has permeated the West for the past few hundred years. In other parts of the world, there is much more permission in society for the existence of miracles. 
For example, in South America there is a whole branch of Literature called “magical realism”, 
where the presence of the supernatural events and miracles is accepted as being as much a part 
of life as “logical events”. There is an acceptance that there are many dimen­sions to life. 
So energetically, there is a lot of permission for life to exist on multiple levels and for spirit and energy to be a part of normal life.

Many people in the West are currently searching for a deeper, more spiritual existence. 
For those who embrace the potential for miracles, this can be a great source of joy. 
The belief in miracles evokes a sense of wonder that so many people have lost.

A World of Miraculous Energies

Modern science now shows us that everything is energy. Many people believe that in certain parts 
of the world, there are miraculous energies which can be accessed by those who are open to them. Ancient sites around the world have been considered as sources of power for ages. 
The original peoples in these locations understood that miracles could be a part of regular life. 
Their beliefs were much more integrated, instead of being fragmented like beliefs are in modern times. Can we get back to that way of being?

Are We Open to Miracles?

We have to ask ourselves whether or not we are open to miraculous things. 
Are we willing to experience things which we may not be easily explained? 
Can we live with things which are out of the ordinary, but which might also be life changing? 
Are we open to the energies of the world and the benefits that they can bring? 
Only you can decide whether or not you will embrace the miraculous.

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