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Saturday, 18 March 2017

How To Heal The Emotional Body - Teal Swan

We used to stand proud in Gargrave.

In this episode, Teal explains that your feeling body (what most people call the emotional body)
is the truth of who you are at a feeling level. This layer of you contains the imprints
of the emotional aspect of your memories as well as your current emotional state.
It is the bridge between your physical self and our thinking self.
The feeling body interprets and translates the thoughts projected forth
by your eternal consciousness perspective and also by your human perspective into feeling states
or "feeling signatures". This translation is the first step that takes place in order to
enable a being to have a first hand experience of a thought.
This enables the thought to be actualized instead of remain abstract.
This actualization of thoughts enables us to learn and gain awareness better and faster
and this in turn enables personal and universal expansion. Because of the emotional body,
man is able to experience their own thoughts. The thoughts are converted into feeling impressions. The physical body interprets those feeling impressions and as if translating the message,
converts those feeling states into the neuropeptides and hormones that cause the physical reactions in our body that we call "emotions"; emotions ranging from fear, anger and stress to love, compassion and happiness.
The feeling body is not an actual body. It is etheric in nature.
But it can be understood and visualized symbolically like an actual body
(in fact it often is both out of body and in dream time).
You can ask to be shown the visual representation of your feeling body in meditation of you like. With practice, you will no longer need to facilitate an altered state of consciousness like meditation to switch your perspective in order to see the layer of a person's emotional/feeling body at will.
You could observe it as energy, or you could observe it as the representation of an actual body.
In the second half of this episode,
Teal explains how to facilitate "integration" of the emotional body.

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