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Friday, 24 March 2017

Positive Attitude - The 3 Pillars To Cultivating Positivity


Video Summary:
We all aspire to positive thinking, at least intermittently.
But maintaining a truly positive attitude, while great in theory is hard in practice.
Controlling our thoughts proves harder than other self-improvement plans.
A true positive thinker remains positive, no matter what. While achieving such an enviable quality will take years of devotion, three pillars are the basis for the transformation.

1) The present moment is inevitable. No fair tacking on "if only." You can't change the present 
(only the future), so failing to accept it for what it is, is fraught with stress and worry.

2) Worry is useless. Needing fear of failure and a tight deadline to motivate you
via thinking you perform best under pressure is short-sighted.
You'd perform better with proper planning and the absence of stress.

3) Cheerfulness is the best strategy. No amount of worry, sadness, fear, or panic will improve
any situation, and certainly not the most stressful ones, including death of a loved one.
The "best" strategy is not based on a single favorable outcome after the fact,
but on the favorable outcome most likely to occur based on the law of averages.
Thumbing your nose at that law once doesn't change the definition of best strategy.
Realists foresee disappointment and failure from "unrealistic" positive attitudes, but they fail
to understand that positive thinking is positive about the situation, not about the outcome.
Positive thinking is outcome-detached. It accepts the outcome with a positive attitude,
no matter what happens.

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