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Sunday, 16 November 2014

The final questions as to why I am not succeeding.

Photo of a Gargrave bridge taken by M'reen
There are many directions that can be taken
each holding hidden possibilities
that may be seen as difficult
to a future that cannot be seen.

The final questions as to why I am not succeeding.
Written by M’reen

If, like me, you occasionally work on the things that are holding you back in your life
you may find that, with the best will in the world you are not making progress.
For over a year now  !X!!!:(!!*

1.       I have checked my belief is in accordance with the positively worded statements 
        that I have created in the present tense.
a) That means I have not used negatives such as, ‘I do not ……’ because the subconscious mind,    
     somehow or other, doesn't ‘hear’ the ‘not’ and acts on the ‘I do …’
Sometimes it is difficult to create a positive statement as you are so concerned with not having 
that undesirable consequence. I have found that if you put the second half of your statement first then the statement becomes positive.
E.G. ‘I will never smoke cigarettes again’, becomes, ‘smoking cigarettes is now part of my past’.
Making your statement part of your present is important.
b) Also don’t use  ‘ing’ as your subconscious mind always takes the easy way out. 
Therefore, ‘ I am going to sleep’ is understood as ‘sometime in the future is OK’.
Try, ‘I relax into sleep’ as relaxing into sleep is more believable than, 'going to sleep' 
when you are experiencing difficulty in dropping off.

2.       I have checked that there are no influences outside of myself that are influencing me.
  Interesting questions are: Are ……. protecting me from …..?
                                           Are  ----- supportive of ……?
These could be :
a)        : ancestors
               : the family I come from (my birth/growing up family/s),
               : the family I belong to or have belonged to
               : my group, society or culture both past and present
               : any earthbound energy. There were two energies to be released.
                They may be my excuse or they may have tuned into my need not to succeed
                and kindly popped in to support my inner beliefs.

b)     Throughout time, space and dimension Emotions such as:
 Success or failure
 Role models / advertising
 Authority figures / parents / teachers /religion
 Gender expectations both your and those of the above
 Good and bad experiences and expectations

c)       I accept all the statements above as a natural part of who I am,
  both now and in my future.

Checking, I confirmed that:
Yes, I do believe all these statements.
Yes, I can achieve all these aims.
Unfortunately I just wasn’t!
And the final question was …….
Do I actually want this success?
And the answer was > No!
However I could find or think of no reason as to why!
Therefore I need to work content free
this means I have no need to consciously know the reasons
just accept the obvious evidence and work on removing, neutralising
or changing the energy of these blocks into something neutral or positive.
In order to do this I hand the problem over to:
x) My higher self and this is a combination of
     my everyday requirements in life
     and the overview of my spiritual wisdom.
y) A higher power.
z) A therapy that is available to me or engage a therapist.

I then work on this realisation in a way in which I feel is appropriate for myself.
Do I actually want this success? – Yes
Am I prepared to do what is necessary to succeed? – Yes
Am I prepared to do this consistently? – No!   Oops.
Will I continue to find excuses? – Yes
Do I have the ability to overcome these excuses? – Yes.
Do these excuses serve a purpose? –Yes
Do they serve a worthwhile purpose? -No.
I release all the excuses and reasons that are hindering my progress in learning ………
so that I can actively work on this on a week day basis.
Do I believe this statement? – No
Can I achieve this statement? – Yes 
Will I achieve this statement?  - Yes
Will I spent sufficient time each day; will I spend that time and produce actual results? – Yes
By this I mean learning the skills to actively ……., within the next six weeks. - Yes
Happy Christmas to us all. xxx
Phew J J J J J J
Keep you posted.
February 4th 2015 - I'm experiencing success :)
And another, when the this question was posed, suddenly realised why she was not having success.

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