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Monday, 10 November 2014

The Mirror on the wall. Self Esteem.

Photo of Maureen by M'reen

The mirror on the wall, shows your reflection.
The mirror on the wall, shows the beauty from within.
So look at yourself in the mirror,
And discover your beauty and potential from within.
As the one looking back at you, is the one holding the key.
Search hard in the mirror on the wall,
And you will find what is within.
Open the gates and let yourself in.

The Mirror on the wall.
Inspired by Self-Esteem with poetry and the combination of life itself.
Posted by lhirani

A great combination of self-esteem, poetry that is touching, dreamy, life itself and even more,
that no one has written before.

This poem is created to help you along, sit or stand in front of the mirror,
whatever is suitable for you and look at the mirror and start asking deep questions
that are inside of you and sooner or later the answers will start coming out,
which is called realisation, which helps anyone change for the better, even though you are good,
but it does not harm to just go a bit further, as it is you that is holding the key to open yourself up.

In the process, while standing or sitting in front of the mirror, you can use affirmations, for example, 
I am confident, I am strong, I am lovable and capable, I care about myself, and I can do it.

Whatever is your goal in life, you can do it, as everyone must be respected, valued and treated
with dignity, this is a humanitarian right for all, no matter what you are challenged with,
as we live in a world that is full of jealous, greed, violence, discrimination and much more,
which we all have a part to play in, in stopping this kind of behaviour. Therefore, do not let yourself go and look after yourself from what you eat and drink, the way you look, and even the way
you think, as our thoughts are very powerful, if we think bad, we may end up doing bad actions, 
resulting to a bad result, as this is what one calls a chain reaction, unless, 
we can control what we are thinking, then it is a win, win situation.
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You can also use a photograph, maybe of your little child self
and tell you all the things you wanted to hear.

I told a client who’d had been abused that she was beautiful.
She grabbed a cushion and hid behind it.
I suggested that she looked in a mirror and found some tiny bit of her that was beautiful.
The following week when I told her she was beautiful she hid behind her spread out fingers;
what a great improvement of ability to recognise herself in just one week.
It took me a little time to stand butt naked in front of a mirror and say, ‘I love me’ and mean it.
No, you wouldn't see wings and a halo, just an ordinary person on a journey through life.
I have, ‘I am love, I am pure love’ printed by my shower head
and on the inside of my food cupboard doors.
The great 'they' have found that:
if you think nasty thoughts to a glass of water then the molecules become distorted
but if you think, ‘I love you, you are pure love’ then the molecules become really beautiful.
Give this little gift to yourself, one that grows with each day.

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