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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Spitting feathers angry!!!!!!!!!!

Spitting feathers angry!!!!!!!!!!
M’reen Hunt (c) 

I was angry, so very, very, very  angry that words cannot describe how angry I was.

First some essential background.
I have a qualification in Dream Work and some famous author (it was a long time ago) dreamt 
that she was at dinner and that she hated with a passion the woman sat opposite to her.
She then realised that the woman was herself and that this was a dream.
With that realisation she knew that she could not physically hurt the woman opposite
she proceeded to beat her up reducing that part of herself to a mangled pulp.
As a counsellor; in ‘real’ life with such passion it may be suggested that a person take a Stanley knife and slash a photo to pieces as the person photographed cannot be injured.
As a hypnotherapist I may arrange that the offending person can be required to sit and listen
while the aggrieved can shout, kick, scream and physically beat up as much as they wish.
One client used to put offending people through a giant paper shredded on the beach. 
I often wondered how she managed when she met them later that day in the pub! 
The person required to sit and listen, often a parent, is usually shocked at the hurt
they have inflicted on their loved child and offer an explanation as to why and they then
beg forgiveness which is generally accepted. ‘Generally’ requires just a little more work.
Forgiveness does not mean condoning the action;
it means you letting go of the effect those actions previously had on your well being.

Back to my very deep anger.
Now I would deal with such anger in a different way
but all those years ago I used the skills I then had .
I forget my first foray. During my second piece of trance work (thinking of the picture) I really wanted to slash my former husband with a large shard of greenish glass. I wanted to cut him to miniscule shreds. But.  My goody two shoes self wouldn’t let me!!!!! This gremlin kept arguing that he 
was the best person he could be. (Thinking of the dream) I thought ‘just let me get him’!
No! You can’t. You are a nice person, nice people understand – and all that rubbish!
This argument went on for quite some time.
In the end I contented myself with putting him in a large skip and burying him with tons
of broken shards of ¼ to ½ inch thick glass. (Warning – DO NOT mess with mama bear!)
The next time I was simply far too angry to work with myself; so I took my issue to a fellow hypnotherapist who worked with my specific type of anger using TFT. This seemed to satisfy me.
However, a few years later I decided to make sure when working with a pair of Shaman.
Although my former husband had never physically abused me (in this life) I asked that any issues involving abuse were cleared. I don’t ‘see’ or ‘experience’ much when working with the Shaman,
just enough to be involved with the process. He or was it she journeyed for me hundreds of years ago to a severely abusive relationship where I was battered so much that I was unable to have children 
(I have three). The situation was that there was no point in running away as there was no way 
to support myself. But my former self had the guts to run away (good girl) but was unfortunately dragged back. I experienced myself as being dragged back by my long brown hair
however the Shaman said that it was long and black.
Six months later at the encouragement of our son, my former husband rang to say that he was sorry.
For myself, I admired his ability to contact me, but for me there was nothing to forgive.

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