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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Problems can flow into and out of your arm.

The paintings behind are by Jaquie Jones of Newmarket. UK

Problems can flow into and out of your arm.
M'reen Hunt (c)

For readers of my blogs below you will know that I haven’t had a cold for over 10 years 
and that for the first time I recently stopped a bout of flu.
This morning I sneezed for ages and the familiar nose and head thing crept up, so instead 
of ‘stopping it in its tracks as I don’t need this’ I decided to do something about the source.
For some of you this will be easy and for others it might take quite a lot of time
and a few of you will just use a different method described elsewhere in these pages.
And of course you will use this for your current personal concern.
I will give you two ways of entering the trance or the resource state.
This first one is fascinating and you might want to do it just for fun, but if you do so, 
remember to stamp your feet and slap your thighs or generally move around to bring your mind back
to its chatty beta state and if you physically can’t move then you know that all you have to do
is think of these things and your mind will perk up.

1} Lay your non-dominant hand on your lap or a table; this is the one you DON’T write with.
Stare at a spot, ridge or ring on your hand and keep repeating: “my hand will rise, I won’t stop
my hand from rising and I won’t make my hand rise but my hand will rise of its own accord.” Occasionally you will blink, but keep staring and keep repeating. This is not magic, your mind and body is programmed to respond.  This is the crazy bit, as your eyes become fatigued you hand will morph and change colours and eventually your hand will rise and stay there until you tell it to fall gently back onto your lap. As a volunteer with Victim Support I explained this to a person and his hand immediately started to rise, I ’told him off’ a number of times and as you can imagine he was very successful with this way of working with his issues. Once your hand has risen you can then work 
with whatever you want; I’ve not tried but it would be interesting to listen to a language CD 
while you’re in this learning alpha state.

2} For those who do not have breathing problems. Close your eyes and relax either into what 
you recognise as a trance or a meditative sate.
I teach this to InnerMindReading students to enable them to enter the learning state.
Put your fist over your heart and close your eyes, breathe in deeply and expand your chest.
Your spine elongates and your shoulders widen as your head rises tall and proud with your nose
and chin horizontal to the floor. In your own time, breathe slowly out allowing your body to curl down somewhat and say (or think) “Relax.”
When breathing in a second time allow your chest to expand a little making your shoulders rise,
then breathe out gently allowing your lower back to curl down and in a softer voice say, “Soften”.
On your third breath, only your chest moves before you breathe out lazily allowing your shoulders
to droop and say, “Flow!

Then you can instruct your non-dominant hand to collect all the different aspects of your issue
and to rise as it collects more and more of that energy.

My hand rose from the elbow and then my elbow rose and even my shoulder so that my hand was almost vertical – rather like being in school which prompted me to think of my flu experiences and expectations of family and society. All the time I was talking to myself about different flu physical experiences and sensations, I was talking about my flu feelings and anything else flu related that came into my mind. None of this was really necessary, but this was my experience, when I ran out of things to think about and my arm was still rising I gave things over to my magnificent self that knows and understands everything about me from a day to day basis to my spiritual journey.

I asked that all aspects and levels of flu pass into my arm and that it would rise as it collected these energies. Generally my hand only rises towards my shoulder but this time when I thought my arm would have difficulty in rising further I asked that these collective energies would pass
through to the collective unconscious or whoever your God is to be healed;
for the energy to be broken down to its constituent parts and to become something useful and beautiful. Just go with whatever comes into your mind as you cannot possibly make a mistake.

Eventually my arm started to very slowly fall and eventually, for the first time, it got completely stuck!  
But I get a little ahead of my thought process – I know – I’m a bit analytical and you should go with 
the flow, but then again I tend to avoid shoulds and musts like the plague as they are often guilt trips imposed by others. And how am I suppose to understand and report my experience if I don’t think, thinking is part of who I am, it is how I express my feelings and ‘felt sense’ that is my knowings.
Stuck! How could I possibly be stuck! I’d given permission to my magnificent self to collect
and release all aspects and variations of my experiences of flu throughout time.
What else?
Acceptance of course!
There is always the opposite that provides the balance in life.
I then welcomed abundant and beautiful health into every cell of my body and other such thoughts and slowly, very, very slowly, as I (presumably) accepted more inherent health my hand 
very gradually returned to my lap. During this time I was aware not only of feelings of joy but also
of the feelings in my head and fizzyness in my nose and as I write this there is still a little residue,
but it doesn’t matter as it will go in its own time.  Just for this article I checked my inner beliefs using 
a pendulum (a little torch on a wrist string was handy) and these physical sensations will work their way through my system.

Some months later. After dabbling with repetitive flu as often happens some years within a community, I have not had any flue like symptoms. Let’s see what the next flu season has to being.

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