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Monday, 15 June 2015

How To Stop Worrying - The Fundamentals of Eliminating Worry

Turn your back on worry.

Video Summary:

Worry is embedded deep into our psyche, but it is as annoying and useless as an ear worm.
The propensity to catastrophize and imagine worst case scenarios needn't hamstring you.
You can learn to loosen worry's hold on you. 

First, accept the futility of worry. It does nothing constructive.
It steals your time and energy by making negative chaos in your head.
Worry makes nothing better, and more often than not, makes it worse.
It only FEELS like you're actually doing something. 

How does one worry less? Your belief that worry is unavoidable is a limiting belief.
The amount of time you spend worrying will decrease drastically just by deciding that you can
and should worry less. Once you accept the negative consequences of worry,
you'll then find yourself interrupting the behavior, at least briefly, throughout the day. 

Substituting positive visualizations for negative ones can also substantially decrease time
spent worrying. Switch your motivation to visualize positive outcomes,
not the avoidance of negative ones. For unrepentant worriers, scheduling a time to worry,
thus postponing worry to only a short designated time each day,
will also conserve your mental resources.

Our society still needs prudent individuals who can foresee problems, but worry doesn't advance that cause.

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