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Monday, 19 May 2014

Phobic or Fearful?

Phobic or fearful ?

The biology:            The body’s chemical response is, incrementally, the same for 
                                      an inappropriate phobia as it is an appropriate fear.
Physical trigger.      Look sad and drop your shoulders and your sad body chemicals will
                                       respond appropriately.
Emotional trigger.  See/think of your fear and your chemicals will race you to anxiety
                                       or panic.
Physical trigger.      Whistle, laugh, and your happy chemicals can’t help but respond.
Emotional trigger.  Decide you can do it – but not like it.
                                       As you modify the emotions so you modify the physical reactions.

1.Physical trigger.  See your feared object, STOP, alter the emotion surrounding the fear
                                      or modify the physical response to modify the emotions.

2.Simple Fear         is rather akin to Simple Anxiety, it revolves around a temporary situation.
                                     Think of a child learning to use an escalator, this is seen as a reasonable
                                     fear/anxiety given the circumstances.

3. There are many things I prefer not to do or to experience, but if I had to do them,             
    then I would and with practice I would become accustomed to those experiences.                     
    I would feel a decreasing level of fear and anxiety until I had mastery/control or familiarity
    with the experience. This is called de-sensitisation (Behaviourism) it is easier in trance.
These three different words (mastery, control, familiarity) represent a different emotional response 
to the situation, as it was an emotional response that was causing the hesitation or fear in the first instance. Think of learning to drive a car; as you become more familiar with driving 
so you become more confident.
If the fear of escalators or driving continues then I may choose to work with the underlying emotional reasons and release the need or cause of that fear.         
The Behaviourists call ‘jumping in at the deep end’ of your fear ‘flooding’ and they call ‘getting used to it’ as ‘extinguishing’, they discount emotional responses. I prefer to use hypnotherapy and Emotrance with, maybe, NLP to assist you to find your own resources.

A Controlling Habit may be, or may become, a Phobia that may lead to Panic, or to an obsessive –compulsive reaction. This is something that is seen as inappropriate behaviour for the current circumstances, not only by the person themselves but also by others.
It is the fear of a fear - not of an actual danger. One is not afraid of the spider but of what the spider represents to you. There is a difference in being afraid (aware of the potential) when you see 
an actual spider and being on continual red alert for spiders. 
The phobia has become something of a compulsive habit.

 e.g. FLYING
A 1985 CBS News poll found that 20% of callers were unable to fly and a further 24% 
were a little anxious. This means that 80% were able to fly and 74% were not anxious,
don’t those big figures now seem better. So, statistics don’t make you feel any easier,
the conscious mind may accept them but the subconscious mind does not.
I offer skills that will enable you to physically relax emotionally relax and mentally relax
and this will result in keeping your panic/phobic/fearful/stress chemicals in check as fear 
and relaxation are at the opposite ends of the scale. We then work on the underlying reasons.
First recognise and accept the signs of anxiety, stress, and/or fear as normal for you
at this time. You may recognise these feelings in other areas of your life and note how you successfully use the stress busting techniques I offer. You are now becoming in control
until you reach the stage of letting go of your fear and the need for these skills, all in your own time and in your own way. This may be achieved through understanding how your fear starts, 
how it builds and what you can do about it on a conscious level so leading to control.
Or your fear may become a thing of the past by simply flowing it all away in Emotrance 
or using some other energy intervention without examining the fear or even voicing it out loud.
As soon as you become aware of the first signs of stress, you can defuse it either consciously by using one of the stress busting skills given, or through our trance work together, or you may simply tell yourself to relax or give yourself a signal to relax. Sounds easy doesn’t it ?
Anything is easy once you know how and have practised the skill or recognised and accepted 
the experience. In any debate between the conscious and subconscious mind
the subconscious ALWAYS wins, that is why working in trance is so effective,
as we re-tape the memories or associations. Whatever happened, happened,
but your response to that event can change.

Sometimes a simple phobia that has been holding you up for years can be vanquished
in one session. Why and how the fear began and what made it grow may be tackles in ways which 
suit you so that e.g. flying may become just one of those things you do.
It may even rate the same stress level as travelling by car or train as long as the ‘flying’ fear 
has not spilled into these areas. (Just the travelling I mean, not the whole experience of being late etc.)
If you feel it is necessary, we can work on the time factor of flying, you can slow things down or speed them up, just think how long a boring visit takes and how time zips by
when you’re having fun. Let’s zip the time on that transatlantic flight.
But this should not be necessary once we’ve sorted out the cause, symptom and response.
Our last session could include a virtual reality flight, as you take your flight from first suggestion 
to unpacking when you get home. Your mind experiences this as real,
so you recognise this as a successful trip.
We could work on understanding the source of your fear if this is appropriate
and this can be done in a variety of ways.
You may wish to deal with the situation directly or indirectly the choice is always yours.
Should you choose to work with the incident that you think started your fear you may find that 
this might not be the original event; one client discovered a pre-school trauma
that he had blanked from memory. His parents verified this event.
One way to work is to work on a more positive perception of the incident or to re-record
the video/memory of the event. This is re-programming or re-framing of your understanding of the event and therefore your response to future events.
We could work on the emotions surrounding flying.
We could work on experiencing the different aspects of flying in a positive manner.
It is probable that we will touch on all the above areas in some way.
We could work with your dreams or if there is a Past Life reason
– which would be worked on as above.
It can be a struggle sometimes, but you are struggling with your chosen therapist
and that makes all the difference.

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The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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