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Monday, 12 May 2014

Kaa, The Jungle Book snake and Hypnotherapy

When you think of hypnosis do you think of Kaa?
Unfortunately I do not know the name of the author.

When you think of hypnosis do you think of Kaa, the snake from the Jungle Book
using those spiralling eyes to lure the unsuspecting Mowgli, or do you think of Paul McKenna
apparently manipulating volunteers from his audience to provide entertainment for the rest of us?

Well, hypnotherapy is nothing like that, but those are often questions that I’m asked.
Over the years the media has sensationalise hypnosis.  Stage hypnosis has the purpose
of entertaining. Hypnotherapy has the purpose of helping you help yourself; the ‘hypnosis’ needs
the addition of ‘therapy’ to provide very real therapeutic value, especially when applied
to our health and state of mind.

Most of us are aware of the harm caused by stress and anxiety, but how do we normally
go about treating it? For headaches and migraines we get painkillers, for nerve rashes
and skin disorders we get cream, and for depression and nervous tension we get tranquillisers. 
These are all outside things that are being used to affect an inside (emotional energy) concern. Conventional medicine is primarily concerned with treating the symptoms,
the effects of stress and anxiety, without really attempting to alleviate the causes.
Therefore, the problem continues to exist. In trance we work with the cause.

It is rarely possible to simply remove the outside source of stress –
such as work, relationship, family troubles etc. – so what can we do is on the inside.

To begin with we must acknowledge that at least part of the problem may come from within
our own minds. It is not the particular event that is important, but it is how we react to it
that really matters, what is stressful to one person may be the norm or even exciting to another; 
think of a fairground ride.

But why should this be so? Obviously this has much to do with individual personality
but it goes much further than that when we begin to experience depressions or guilt feelings,
or develop obsessive behaviour, a phobic reaction or even physical illness.
In such cases, and in many others, these problems come from within us but we feel that
we have no control of the problem  – it is like a different part of us takes over.

Is it possible to change the habit of a lifetime? Is it possible to improve your health,
vitality and well being?
The answer is most definitely “yes”, and one very effective way is Hypnotherapy
 – a personal therapy using Hypnosis.

For some the word ‘hypnosis’ often conjures up images of mind control
and of people put into some sort of comatose state, actually this is total nonsense.
Hypnosis is a very natural state of relaxation and there is absolutely no question of any mind control whatsoever. In fact, after their first experience of hypnotherapy, the majority of people say things like “well, that was all very nice but I didn’t actually feel hypnotised,
I could have opened my eyes at any time”.  And so you can.

Hypnotherapists use only “Conscious awareness Hypnosis” and there is no need for any form 
of deep trance state, so that clients are usually aware of what is going on, yet are able to experience
an unparalleled feeling of relaxation and calmness. My room has just the normal surrounding noises and there is a lovely relaxing atmosphere with not a swinging watch in sight!

Most of us go through life either doing something that we don’t want to do (e.g.:  smoking,
having panic attacks, obsessively checking things) or not doing something that we want
to do (e.g.: form a loving relationship, feel self confident or be able to say “no” when we want to). Many of these behaviour patterns originate from negative attitudes picked up during childhood; 
these continue to influence us into adult life at a level that we are not consciously aware of.
Most of us just accept these effects (violent outbursts, guilt feelings, personal problems, illness etc.) 
as being normal, “that’s the way I am”, and so forth, but there is absolutely no reason
why one person should have to suffer such emotional strains when others do not.

The same applies to many illnesses. We just seem to accept that we are ill and totally rely
on our doctors for a cure – or sometimes accept the ultimate with amazing complacency,
without ever considering that we may have some control over the situation.
But it is possible to learn to be in control of your mind, your body and your emotions.
It is our perception of ourselves that is at fault. If, through hypnosis, we can change our view
of ourselves then we can bring about change and even sometimes a cure.

When a client first comes to see me I try to remember to tell them that by the end of the therapy 
they may become virtually unaware they ever had a problem in the first place
and many look at me in disbelief, yet it can be a very moving experience at a later stage
to see those same clients releasing their anxiety and for the first time in many years,
being truly free from negative emotions, and symptoms that those repressed emotions caused.

But aside from smoking and all the emotional/personal problems,
hypnosis has many other applications, one in particular being in the medical world.
For hundreds of years hypnosis has been used as an anaesthetic to “switch off pain” during operations, yet recent publicity surrounding the gentleman who used hypnosis during his vasectomy presented it as a somewhat new discovery! There is an increasing amount of evidence to suggest that 
if you mentally prepare yourself for an operation there is less shock to your body so that
you are able to speed your own recovery. The same applies in drug treatment, where self-hypnosis 
and visualisation have shown to reduce the side effects from chemotherapy, for example.
There are even countless cases where diseases such as cancer and arthritis have responded
to self-hypnosis visualisations, when used as part of the healing process.

It is not only people with problems that can benefit from hypnosis, for it can be applied to enhance existing personal qualities such as sales or sport performance, or just generally reduce stress
and aid relaxation. Whatever the situation from relieving driving test nerves or child bed-wetting
to getting rid of phobias – the same principals apply, whereby we are using the potential
of our imagination to communicate with our subconscious, emotional mind.

Hypnotherapy is probably the kindest, quickest and most gentle form of personal therapy available. 
It is a totally natural, totally safe method of treatment and, unlike many drugs based therapies
it has no unpleasant side effects and is suitable for just about anybody.
It has often been said that, if hypnosis could be bottled and sold off the shelf at your local chemist,
it would be hailed as the most wonderful potion this world has ever known

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