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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Dream Work and Progress.

Dream Man painted by M'reen

Dreams and reality. M'reen

In real life I have a dressing gown that has needed to be replaced for rather a long time.
Also, I don’t recall ever owning a pair of bedroom slippers.
I dreamt that I was walking along in my tatty pink dressing gown and eventually realised that I was wearing tatty pink bedroom slippers. I recognised that I needed to be wearing shoes for my expected venue and spent some time dithering; how detrimental were tatty pink bedroom slippers, 
how much time and effort would it take me to go back and get shoes and return to this point?
Eventually I decided to go on and after a few steps remembered that that the rest of my journey
was across wet grass. The wet grass would seep through my slippers and be cold and uncomfortable.
Cold is not something I like and to be wet simply adds insult to injury.

I have a qualification in Dreamwork but I don’t work with my rarely remembered fragments
of dreams even though Freud, Jung or whoever said that, ‘an unexplored dream
is like an unopened letter to oneself’.

The night before I’d sent an email to a few people as I needed a pat on the back
and only the furthest person from me responded with a wish that I was well.

Today one of those persons rang and said that they liked my article on but. And I responded that the ‘but’ was deliberate.
Reflecting on this conversation I decided to take the next step as if I did not then I would be held back
by situations I had little control over.
It is exceptional for me to dream of a situation before its event, and to recognise that my dreams 
have been working away in the background prompting my conscious mind into action.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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