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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Life, Work & Relationship Balance


The importance of having a healthy balance in your life, lifestyle, work life, career, business,
health and your relationships and how imbalances in any area that is important to you will create unnecessary challenges, drama & chaos.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss two different emails from two different female viewers.  The first email is from a woman who I have answered two previous emails in video newsletters titled, “Women Love A Real Man” and “Dating: It’s All In The Numbers.” She is an entrepreneur at heart and has taken a BS job to help pay the bills while she figures out her business model. She is living in an area that she loves and that supports her love of the great outdoors, but she is really struggling to find like-minded people who share the same goals and values as she does. Many people in her life are critical of her beliefs and her choices, which often make her, feel like she does not fit in or belong. The second email is from a woman who says she is an alpha female. She says that she disagrees with most of what I teach men to do because she likes to be pursued by a man, while ignoring the fact that she tends to chase men she likes, even though this is the opposite of what she says and thinks she wants. Both women are struggling with finding a healthy balance in their lives so they can create the life, lifestyle and relationships that they really want and deserve.

“Most people do not feel comfortable enough in their own skin to stand up for themselves, what they want and how they want to be treated. When their beliefs and how they view themselves are in conflict with their goals, dreams and outcomes, this makes it impossible to create the life and lifestyle they really want. The story that they tell themselves gets in the way and prevents them from taking the action they need to take, in order to move towards what they want and overcome the challenges and obstacles that are always a part of everyone’s journey to achieving their grandest goals and dreams. Since we tend to do more to avoid pain & discomfort, than we will do to gain pleasure and success, we must always be aware of our self-talk and limiting beliefs so we can take action that will move us towards our outcomes and goals. Otherwise, we will make excuses and take actions that only move us away from our dream lives and lifestyles.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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