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Saturday, 9 April 2016

The No Contact Rule

Larch tree flower.

Maybe like me you are not impressed with some of his adjectives.

What the no contact rule is and how to properly apply it when it comes to negotiation,
attraction, getting an ex back and generally standing up for yourself
so you can get what and who you want in life.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who asks me about
the no contact rule regarding a woman he has been intermittently dating over the past few months. They met back in May. He says that June and July were really great between them.

However, in August she supposedly started getting stressed about work and her behavior changed towards him. She has become distant and always seems to be busy now. She is away on business for the next few weeks, and by the time she gets back and he potentially has a chance to see her again, it will have been a month since they last saw each other.

He is not happy with this and obviously wants to see her more. He asks me if this is the kind
of situation where he should apply the no contact rule to see if it changes her behavior.

“You should always pay attention to the level of effort that people who you are in relationship with make. If you notice that people start to take you for granted or are less than enthusiastic to see you, then you should remove your attention and not contact them until they contact you first.

If they notice and they care, they will make an extra effort to make you feel wanted and appreciated. If they don’t notice your disappearing act, then you know where you stand. You shouldn’t be willing to make time for people in your life who don’t care whether or not if you’re in theirs.”
~ Coach Corey Wayne

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