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Monday, 1 February 2016

Positive Affirmations - The Tricks of Using Affirmations to Transform Your Life

Self heal 'heals' the plants around it.

Video Summary:
Positive affirmations are a very powerful way to harness your subconscious mind
to achieve positive change.

They are especially effective for combating limiting beliefs that obstruct your potential,
whether you doubt your ability or are haunted by old scripts of failure. Affirmations can help you achieve weight loss goals, financial success, and phenomenal career growth, for example.

To harness the awesome power of affirmations, follow a few simple techniques:
To effect the change you want, affirmations must be practiced daily, without fail.

They must be done consistently, for at least a month or three.
The more deep-seated the issue you're trying to impact,
the longer it may take to see the change you want. Give it time and stay at it.

Affirmations need to be short, concise, and ideally positive.
The subconscious doesn't understand the word “not,” so it skips it.

So instead of saying “I won't go broke,” say “I'm wealthy.” Make your affirmations feel natural,
as if you're merely role-playing. They should be detailed, right down to the dollar figure

you want to make this year or the car model that you want.
When Turbo Charged Reading we don’t use affirmations but mind instructions
which are checked to be in accordance with your inner beliefs.
If not then we change the mind instruction until it is acceptable.
Should I wish to change my attitudes and abilities I use
Faster-eft, Energetic-NLP or the other energy practices found on this blog.
Energy practices are effective immediately or enable you to experience success
in a short space of time.

You can TCR specialist and language dictionaries that are spontaneously accessed.
I can Turbo Charge Read a novel 6-7 times faster and remember what I’ve read.
I can TCR an instructional/academic book around 20 times faster and remember what I’ve read.
Introduction to Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
A practical overview of Turbo Charged Reading YouTube 
How to choose a book. A Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
Emotions when Turbo Charged Reading YouTube

Advanced Reading Skills Perhaps you’d like to join my FaceBook group ?

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All aspects of regular, each-word reading and education.
Turbo Charged Reading uses these skills significantly faster        gives many ways for you to work with the stresses of life        just for fun.

To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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