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Monday, 9 March 2015

Living From Inspiration and How To Deal With Being Incredible.

I chose this photo from my collection as these people chose to be incredible in their own ways. M'reen

How To Deal With Being Incredible

“The world is divided in two classes,
those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable.”
-Oscar Wilde

Being incredible.
It is something that most people want to experience and be.
Is being incredible in life hard?
Yes for some it is.
Why is it that most people can want to be incredible,
yet some live quiet lives of bitterness and  misery ?
What is the difference between being an incredible person
and not being an incredible person.
The truth is this.
Being incredible comes from within.
One of the reasons, I continue to live an incredible life on many levels.  
It comes from being of service to humanity. This is the reason why my incredible life begins 
and ends. It is something you can’t see you can only feel inside of you. It is your spirit.
This is a very simple thing you can do. And this is by taking a look at your life now.
Your Life Now 
Take a look at your life now. Are you happy? Why are you happy or not happy ?
You can be happy for no reason at all.
If you want to be an incredible person you can be it by choosing it. 
How Do You Deal With Being Incredible ?
Once you become incredible. Once you tune into your incredible life.
It will be rather challenging to deal with. You start to see everyone else leading the same misery
and negative life.  You are so happy because you tuned back within to your inner greatness.
This unlocked your door to your incredible life. Now, how do you deal with this?
You just keep being yourself. 100% and you follow your life’s purpose. Keep it simple.
There is no need to complicate the process of being 100% authentically you.
Step into this goodness in your life.  Continue to shine your light, despite what others think of you.
Be Yourself
Continue to pursue becoming financially rich. Continue to serve others.
Continue to be authentically you.  
Continue to amass joy, happiness, and wisdom that comes from within.
Regardless of what anyone else is doing, or think of you.
Continue to be grateful for the miracle of your life and the good of who you are growing into.
Serve others, because an incredible life happens 
when you realize success is what you do for others.
Tune into this alignment. Be incredible, and don’t judge others who aren’t incredible.
Don’t allow people who aren’t incredible to phase you for being incredible.
Just continue to be you. Do you. And be the very best you can be in full alignment.

I chose this photo from the East shaft at Royston Caves as these knights lived from inspiration. M'reen
This 'cave' is unique - possibly in the world.

Living From Inspiration

Are you choosing to live from inspiration?
It is estimated most people living today lead quiet lives of misery and pain.
Yet, in the midst of it all there is hope. That hope comes in the form of choosing to live
not from the old story of misery and pain, but the new story of inspiration.
Living from inspiration comes from within yourself.  It’s a choice you make.
Living an inspired life, is truly incredible.
From an inspired way of living, you have the ability to awaken your true gifts and talents
and share it with the world. Living an inspired life allows you to live out your big dreams  
because inspiration is the fuel for  manifesting your big dreams in life.
Yet, there are times in life where you don’t feel inspired. Why is this?
It is because you have lost connection with your true nature.
One of the main reasons I continue to have much inspiration that flows from within me
is because I allow it to flow for me. From a true nature that is within me.
What this allows me to experience : 
This allows me to experience and have a life  of worldly success, prosperity, heavenly blessings,
and an authentic lifestyle that feels great to me. It allows me to make a contribution to humanity 
that gives me tingles each time I think of the magnitude of the positive difference
I can make as a result of choosing to come from an inspired place within me.
It’s liken to a celebration of life, truth, light, wisdom, and pure goodness in the world today
pouring outwards to the ions and universal God force.
This feels great to me and I exude it out in the form of value and inspiration on this blog.
It begins with choosing to be of greater service to humanity.
The truth is, it is what you are delivering to others lives that reminds you of your true nature.

Your True Nature 
When you are connected to the deeper aspects of your true nature,
you will see it is much easier to be inspired.
When you are lacking this key component of living from the inside,
then you start to disconnect from this inner nature that lives and breathes from within.
Your true nature is your inner being. Not the false self.
The false self is the condition that society has placed upon you.
Your false self is what society wants you to be, your true nature is who you
are destined to be without society and ancestry  restrictions and limitations.
Your true nature from a higher perspective; is your natural state of awareness.
It is unlimited. It is alive. It is rich in your way of being.  It is the core of your truth that is all powerful, limitless, and unbounded by any form of restriction.
You are the true embodiment of all that is righteous and good in the world, shining bright.
This true nature of pure awareness is a truly remarkable energy space to connect back into,
so you can give service to others from a very powerful, authentic,
and inspirational  space that empowers others.

Give To Humanity 
This is where you want to give back to humanity from. A space of inner power.
A space of authenticity. Living from a space of inspiration your world begins to open up
in ways you never imagined possible.
By giving service to humanity, opportunities and positive circumstances that were once non existent in the external world starts to flow to you.  You meet the right people at the right time.
Success starts to show up in your reality when you are living from an inspired way of life.
This is because success is what you do for others.
This is because what you see within yourself is what you attract in the outer world in a positive way. Moving from your true nature allows this inspiration to flow within you.
It’s truly an amazing process that feels great, and allows great life experiences to unfold for you.
Enchanting wonders in your external world begin to happen in your life when you are moving
from a place of inspiration.

Connect Back To Thyself  
Take time each day to connect back to your source of inspiration from within.
You will find there is truth, authenticity, and deep wisdom that arises from this authentic space
from yourself.  Take time each day to feel the essence of the inspiration that comes from within.
This inspiration that you exude from within out to the world  increases your prosperity, success,
and good fortune. Choose to connect back to your true nature. Live an inspired life that matters
not only to yourself, but to the greater good that you service. It’s truly a remarkable way of being.
This can be done by taking stock of doing more of what makes you happy and makes you come alive.

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