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Monday, 6 October 2014

Trapped in the 1500’s in the Chapel of St John the Baptist.

My photograph of a comforting angel  in the Chapel of St John the Baptist, Wittlesford. UK

Trapped in the 1500’s in the Chapel of St John the Baptist.
M'reen Hunt

On occasions I have attended the South Cambridgeshire Business Coffee Morning –
such a mouthful and not a biscuit in sight!
This is held at the Holiday Inn Express which was built in the grounds of the Red Lion Hotel
that features beams carved  by the Carmelite monks of the 13th century.
This hotel is next door to the Chapel of St John the Baptist built in the start of the 1200’s.
Please remember that I was not aware of these dates as my story unfolds.

On my first meeting at the Red Lion,
I was aware that I simply had to visit the pub I could see out of the window.
Eventually I invited a friend to share lunch with me as I wanted someone ‘to watch my back’
as I  was unaware of why I needed to visit this venue.

Going through the door I was vaguely aware of the energy in this old building
but I was expecting ‘something’.
As said friend concentrated on his excellent lunch I started to shake increasingly
and eventually he noticed my reaction.
Either having received his acknowledgement or experiencing the full energy of the place
I was able to make friends with the energy and feel comfortable at the dining table.
With the meal over, I wandered around the area and found a corner that felt full of energy,
by this corner was a door described as the Monk’s door or stairs.

Some months later I notice that the Chapel’s door was ajar and was able
to again have lunch in the hotel. I went to ‘my’ corner and felt the expected energy.
However the chair was uncomfortable for my companion so we sat out in the sun for our lunch.
After lunch we visited the chapel which is a large empty building with a bench and two fire extinguishers, significant beams, some rather  battered stone windows, 
a couple of extra small doors, the piscina and another niches the use which I am unfamiliar.
Ah, they are the Sedilia, Aunbry and Easter Sepulchre(?) in the Chancel of the early 14th Century
addition to the building as the 13th century hospital became a free chapel.
The energy was very strong.
When my friend had left I went back into the chapel.
If I remember correctly and using a pendulum I asked the following questions.
Hi, my name is M’reen and does anyone want to speak to me. Yes.
Are you a man? Yes.
Are you a monk/priest or a member of the congregation? Congregation.
I worked back to the 1500’s.
Is there one of you or many? One.
Do you believe in God? No response.
I explained that there was no need to do what I suggested but it was useful to find out.
Was there a light … ? Yes.
Did the light feel welcoming and peaceful? Yes.
Was there someone waiting by the light? Yes.
Did he know that someone? No.
Did that person feel friendly, peaceful and welcoming? Yes.
Were there other energies in the chapel that wanting to go to the light? Yes.
If this is something you want to do then pass through to the light.
No response to any other questions.
The feeling didn’t immediately lift
so after a few moments I went to stand in the warm light streaming through a window.
I noticed that the light formed an angel which pleased me.
However try as I might I couldn’t find how an oblong window with a central column
and with the left bump removed leaving nothing to form a neck
could create two patches of light one of which looks like an angel.

This is not a full account of how one would work in such a situation.

Quite sometime later I asked an experienced dowser why the energies were there for me
to experience after all these centuries.
He suggested that they were waiting for me as I had been one of them.

The link shows my angel window. M'reen

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