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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Depressed smiles

Fun at Eli UK. Photo taken by M'reen

Factor in some FUN

It is really good to have 2-5 minutes a number of times a day for R&R,
and I don’t mean a cup of tea or a magazine, those these are to be valued.
Pray, Meditate, Self-hypnosis, Exercise – all the care-for-you stuff
you don’t care enough to do for yourself.
Close the curtains and Dance, Karaoke, Act out a Fantasy.
Have a lot of silly, fun, vibrant 5 minutes joy ideas in a box
and pick one out and enjoy.

Other examples are:
If you close your eyes and look up into your head and part your teeth a little 
and let your tongue float freely to the top of your mouth.
Then your body thinks, ‘oh, I’m supposed to be asleep’,
maintain this and in no time at all you probably will be relaxed.

It’s impossible to be depressed and whistle – or so they say.
So, it you feel silly walking along whistling, just whistle in your mind
and if you are like me you’ll end up laughing in your mind.

Depressed people tend to look down at all the yuk on the pavement,
try looking up, keep checking the tree tops, the ridge tiles on the roof
and you’ll find some amazing chimney pots and garret bedrooms,
imagine a story where you  bring light to someone’s life –
maybe a child who looks just like you.
Physically, as you look at the skyline you allow a little sunlight into your body. 
The sunlight on a grey day is really quite valuable.

Imagine that you are singing in the rain; find someone passing by
or in your imagination to send that fun to someone and let it ricochet back to you.

How many fun things are you going to allow yourself to have today?
Divide the inside of a cupboard door into seven columns or clouds and name one for each day. 
Each time you have an enjoyable experience then add a star. 
And if one day is falling behind, then next week you can plan on having a stellar day.

Remember you can choose to be miserable for 24 hours, 
or you can let a ray of sunshine break through, just a little tiny one, find a real happy memory 
that does not bring on a wave of misery and draw a smiley face and then a little distance away 
draw sad face that represents now, and with coloured pens all held together in your fist or with colour in your imagination, keep linking the two together with a rainbow until the sad face is all covered over.

People seem to find it easy to love everyone and their uncle, 
but when it comes to themselves they seem a little short of the milk of human kindness.
For a time period, and it may become a pleasant habit, give yourself a gift.
A gift of noticing the sunshine, a cloud formation, a flower in someone’s garden; 
now, either move your hand to your heart and incorporate the gift into yourself
or imagine this happening and smile inside yourself and say ‘thank-you.’
Now that you can allow nice things for yourself, I wonder of you can imagine that 
during a trip you are going to give yourself such 10 gifts, and find them!
Appreciating how lovely if feels to receive a spontaneous gift, why not give to others; 
some understand this as ‘shooting prayers’ or love or happiness.
As you walk pass someone think, ‘enjoy your shopping, your children etc.’, 
‘experience a little less pain’. One lady sent love to a harassed bar maid,
who turned to the giver and beamed her a beautiful smile before turning back to her stress. 
At a conference people were asked to send me love and the love of 300 people felt 
like champagne bubbles in my body and I giggled.

I read that if you catch someone’s eye and they smile at you,
that that someone is an angel just touching base. So, smile at strangers.

But the person who drops litter, who spits or is downright nasty?
It actually works if you just say to yourself, ‘peace be with you’.
For the lunatic on the road, try, ‘well, if you really have to hurt someone,
let it just be yourself.’

And speaking of angels, some call this the Cosmic Ordering Service; 
ask for the roundabout ahead to be clear, for a parking space to become available.
This always worked in the middle of Marbella, until someone pointed out
that some poor guy would have to leave his tapas just to vacate a parking place 
at precisely the right moment for me.
My 99% success rate became zero and stayed that way !!!!!

Finally, if you are feeling downright miserable then just have an exaggerated belly laugh, 
put your fist on you tummy and hahaha in as you pant out
And if you are like me you’ll feel so silly that you’ll end up laughing out loud.

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