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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Prioritize Like a Genius

Who are you looking at?

Do you find yourself giving away your time, attention and energy to other people with no sense of peace or progress? Is your agenda your agenda, or somebody else's? Here are three new ways to think about how you prioritize your day:

1. Stop prioritizing easy:
While a lot of people think knocking off the easy tasks on their to-do list will create momentum, it actually stops them from doing what counts. If you find your day filled with busy work instead of your life's work, remember that just because there is something easy to do does not mean it should be done. The activities in your day should add to your vitality, enjoyment and the contributions you want to make in the world. Ask yourself, "What three things must happen today that will move me forward toward my dreams?" Stop prioritizing easy; start prioritizing progress. By taking on something hard every day, you gain more confidence, momentum and meaning.

2. Stop prioritizing false emergencies:
Don't re-prioritize your life's work to handle someone else's false emergency. Prioritize what will move you forward and initially say no to everything else. You owe nothing to anybody but your own health, family and major contributions of what you want to give to the world; every other request is a sudden distraction. By focusing on what's important to you and making sure you accomplish that first, you leap forward in life, live your truth and serve your highest good.

3. Start prioritizing freedom:
You have the potential to experience more emotional, physical, social, financial and time freedom every day. Whether it's a 20 minute meditation that makes you feel alive and connected, a health practice for cultivating more energy, or time breaks in your day where dream up and develop your next major contribution, you have the ability to make your days magical.

As you prioritize with these three decisions, you become the architect of your day and put yourself back in control of your agenda. Do this and you will start to experience more of what we call The Charged Life!

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