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Friday, 12 May 2017

How Smart People Deal With People They Don’t Like

Knapweed and  creeping thistle (the spiny one)

He uses the occasional 'bad' word.

A Wake Up Call To Yourself

The importance and essential nature of making a wake up call to yourself
so you can take your power back if you have given it away, have sacrificed your needs,
wants and desires for those of others, or if you have simply realized that you have always
put the happiness of others above your own, but made yourself miserable in the process.
In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss three different emails from three different viewers.

The first email is from a female viewer who shares how my work has changed her life and helped her to walk away from an unhealthy relationship where she allowed herself to be treated like a doormat. She has learned to focus on loving and taking care of herself first, and dumping
an emotionally unavailable guy she was trying to change. The second email is from a woman
who talks about the confusing mainstream dating advice of women’s magazines
and how what I teach is true, natural to her feminine essence and helps her to understand men better so she can make better choices. The third email is from a man who finally took his power back
in his failing thirteen-year marriage. His wife was cheating on him and totally disrespecting him.
He shares how he has used what he has learned from my work to turn things around,
have an open marriage and cause his wife to come crawling back.
“In order to give love to others, you must first have it for yourself. If you are in a state of lack
or feel like you do not measure up, then you won’t be able to sustain a relationship for very long, because you don’t feel love for yourself. In order to be a good relationship partner,
you must learn to think, feel and know that you are valuable.
We tend to act consistently with how we view ourselves to be. When we have a low opinion
of ourselves, we unknowingly attract people, who will take advantage of us, use us and not love us. We literally attract what we believe about ourselves. It’s always best to first focus on becoming our best selves, self-reliant, having a compelling purpose and mission in life and making ourselves happy, before we can become a true equal and attract a high quality person who will love us unconditionally.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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