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Monday, 11 January 2016

Faster EFT 445 Fame, Shame, Back Pain it's all about the relationship with my mother!

Rather cold Sycamore leaf.

Hi Robert hope you are well. We haven't spoken in quiet a while. I just wanted to share with you 
an amazing experience I had today. I went to see an acupuncturist today for the first time, 
as I walked into her office I noticed a sign Faster EFT. Upon seeing this I cringed as I remembered that day we worked together and I secretly prayed that the video had been lost in cyber space somewhere never to be seen again!!
As I lay on her table I went through some of my history and mentioned that 1 1/2 yrs ago I was in chronic lower back pain that had lasted 4-5 yrs. At the time I had tried many things and nothing had helped that was until I started to drink alkaline water and finally the pain went away. I went on to tell her that it took about 6 weeks of drinking the water for all the inflammation to disappear, as alkali zing the body is known to do.
Finally as I got off the table my worst nightmare came to pass!! She told me she had seen the video. In an instant all the shame came back! The self-absorbed human part of me felt exposed and embarrassed. However she was quick to put me at ease. She mentioned that she was very grateful for the video as she benefited enormously from it as a practitioner. I was very grateful for the feedback. It made me feel that in some small way I got to serve others through my experience which made it all worthwhile and helped ease my self-consciousness.
When I got home this evening I decided to watch it again I was surprised, I thought that I did it 3-4 yrs ago but it was only just over 1 1/2 yrs ago. When I sat down and worked it out I discovered that I had been drinking the water for 4 weeks, after the workshop, 2 weeks later my pain disappeared and since then it has not returned.
I have a deep belief that when you are willing to do the emotional work the physical solution will present itself. The alkaline water healed the inflammation that was causing the pain but Faster EFT created the space for the healing to manifest.
I just wanted you to know how deeply and eternally grateful I am for the gift you have given me. 
Not only did you help me release the pain in my body but it also released the emotional shame that was holding me back from doing the work I had dreamed off because of my fear of speaking in groups.
4 months after that weekend I was asked to run the group therapy sessions in a Addiction rehab center, something I have wanted to do for 7 yrs.
And today I am filled with love, joy and passion for what I do and who I am. Thank you so much.
With deep love and appreciation
Annie xx
P.S you are welcome to use this as a testimony if you wish.

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