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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My tale of “Oh woe, woe and thrice woe”

 Photo by M'reen
This is not one of the pot-holes from Blackburn Lancashire made famous by the Beatles.
I was born in Blackburn, Lancashire. 

“Oh woe, woe and thrice woe”. Frankie Howard.
M’reen’s tale of woe L

You will find a rather long article entitled:
Purpose is the sure route to (Turbo Charged Reading) success.
I wrote it. Maybe I should read it!!#!
I rarely drive at night.
On Wednesday my Sat Nav conspired to find four different routes to the wrong side of a closed road causing me to arrive back 1 hour and forty four minutes later than expected.
Two nights later after a series of manoeuvres that simply should not have happened I found myself on an unlit, single track road. I sent up a plea, ‘look after me’ and ‘don’t let me meet anyone.’
Remember that Midas knew what he meant and got what he asked for.
My wheel went down a 4 ¼, 11cm inch pothole and the car was not safe to drive further.
I was in a mobile black-spot and had no earthly idea where I was
as in this part of the world the roads follow the criss cross paths of the ancient past.
So much so that when I finally got home the breakdown people and police
couldn’t locate my car’s position on their internet maps.
Prior to this I had contemplated an uncomfortable night;
at least it was not raining or freezing and the bogies were outside.
I would be in a bright yellow car on a single track road with NO LIGHTS!
Now I really wanted someone to drive down that road that only had passing places
that had been carved out by the many cars that had needed them.
Now I sent up intentions that someone would drive along that lonely track.
Fortunately it was not a mad axe murderer that stopped but a lovely couple
who knew the area really well and they not only rescued me but also took me home.
Obviously I offered money recognising that no actual amount could cover their kindness
so I offered my skills as a hypnotherapist.
As it happened they had unfortunate needs for my skills.
But why???
I’ve ‘met’ numerous people who have been ‘sent’ to me and so I work fee free;
but in the past it has never cost me anything to work with them.
Was my purpose answered?
I asked to be looked after so I needed a situation whereby I needed looking after!
Thrice woe? The friends close by could not help me in the following few days.
When I finally received the help I needed I had to go back to the venue I attended
before re-tracing the road to find my car pulled into the side.
And thrice woe? I couldn’t claim compensation because my car was just outside of the MOT date
this was pot-hole Friday and my car was booked in for a test on the following Tuesday.
Nor was it financially viable to claim my breakdown excess.
So in the future I no longer politely drive slowly on the left but drive in the middle of the road.
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