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Monday, 8 December 2014

Enlightenment & the Fulfilment of Your Highest Purpose.

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Enlightenment & the Fulfilment of Highest Purpose.  Julie Griffin, 

Are you the type of person who gets through life or who gets into life? 
When you wake up in the morning do feel excited about the day ahead
or do you want to hide under your covers?
Do you know what you want to accomplish? 
Do you know how to accomplish your goals?
Why am I asking you these questions?
It is my way to get you to examine your thoughts and actions
and to help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
This questioning process is utilized to place you inside your own internal channel,
the channel that will lead you to your own truth, the truth that can free and empower you.  

Why is this questioning process useful?
I have noticed in my private practice as a clinical hypnotist
that often the clients who are not thriving
are the clients who have not taken the time to identify their goals and highest purpose.
These clients are simply getting through life instead of living life.

Conversely, the people who have a clear picture of where they want to go,
what they want to accomplish, and how best to accomplish their goals
are the clients that are the most successful, the happiest, and the healthiest.
In order to identify your highest purpose in life and to begin the process of its fulfilment,
you may choose to ask yourself the following questions. 

You could draw a circle with 3 or more segments and fill in how much of that goal
you are achieving & how much it would be reasonable for you to achieve in therapy or business
and how much you would like to achieve. ) ) )

List your three most important goals. 
If you could be, do, have, or become absolutely anything, what would you do? 
Are there any creative processes you wish to be better at? 
Are there any mental or academic processes you wish to perform better in?
Are there any functions of your work life you wish to be more competent at? 
Do you have any physical conditions which are currently limiting you in any way? 
Do you eat the kind of food that creates health and energy in your body? 
Do you meditate or pray often? 
Do you stop to examine how much you have to be thankful for? 
Do you take time to notice all the beauty in the world around you? 
Do you exercise regularly? 
Do you set goals and evaluate your progress and behavior periodically?
Do you give yourself pep talks? 
Are you aware of any obstacles standing in the way of your success? 
Do you regularly take steps towards achieving your goals? 
My reasons for suggesting that you ask yourself these questions are three-fold.
First, it gets you to stop and examine your life and to identify your strengths and weaknesses. The second reason is that it suggests things that you might do to improve your life
and your health.
The last reason for doing this questionnaire is because you can use the answers as a guideline as to what you should think about, visualize, and do to get on course toward your total fulfilment.

Once you have done the conscious soul-searching necessary to answer the questions
you can spend time in a relaxed state visualizing your life how you want it to be.

Steps that will help you to do this follow: 
Imagine that your entire body and mind are relaxing.
Feel your mind and spirit soar into a higher plane of awareness as your body relaxes.
Picture your life as it is now and become consciously aware of any obstacles
that are standing in the way of your obtaining your own perfection.
Use your imagination to see and feel yourself moving the obstacles out of the way
and creating a clear path to your ultimate goal.
Picture yourself making the important changes in your life that will create your success.
Picture your final outcome as though it has already been achieved.
Fill in all the details of what it will look and feel like to be totally happy, healthy, fulfilled,
and successful.
Imagine that your mind and spirit are rejoining your physical body in a highly energized
and powerful way. 
Return to your "real" life with the knowledge that you have the power and energy
necessary to make changes in your life and to achieve your own highest purpose.

 While this procedure may sound complicated, it is not.
It's simply a matter of relaxing your body and focusing on what you want to achieve.
A very simple version of it can be achieved in seconds merely by focusing your mind
and visualizing what you want.
The more this process is repeated the more energy (life) you will be giving to it
and the more likely you will be to create it.

If you desire to supercharge your visualization session you may choose to record
some of the suggestions below in your own voice (or use your own suggestions),
and play them while you are in the relaxed and focused state:

" Now that I am in this higher plane of awareness I can clearly identify any obstacles
standing in the way of my success. I feel myself gaining power and courage
to move the obstacles out of my way. I see myself feeling happier and healthier with each step
I take toward my fulfilment. I am becoming more positive about my success
and more excited about my life. I now have the thoughts, deeds, and actions, of a happy, healthy, and fulfilled person. I consistently think clearly and act in my own best interest
and in the best interest of mankind. I always know when to act and when to wait.
I communicate with those around me perfectly and lovingly. I notice the beauty in nature
and it nourishes me. I turn every situation into a situation that is productive.
I operate inside the flow of the universe knowing that as I do so and as I operate toward
the good of mankind that the universe will provide me with everything I need for support.
I am now on a fruitful, prosperous course. Each day I gain momentum towards achieving
my goals. Each day my levels of health, happiness, peace, and success increase.
All my capacities are comfortably expanding. I feel myself turning on my own power
and creativity. I consistently treat myself in a loving and respectful  manner.
There is a glowing light radiating from my heart.
This light heals and protects me. Each day I fall more in love with the world around me
as I fall more in love with myself.........etc." 

So What About Enlightenment? What Is It? Where Do You Find It?
There are many ways to define enlightenment. A few definitions follow:
 'A blessed state marked by the absence of suffering.
An ability to see internally and externally with total clarity. knowledge, illumination
or awareness of spiritual insight.'
When I think of the term enlightenment, the thoughts which come to my mind are those of love, peace, inner harmony, respect, and freedom. I am aware that as I operate in a manner
That is in keeping with the manifestation of my highest purpose I will become increasingly enlightened. So to me, the fulfillment of my highest purpose and the achievement
of enlightenment go hand-in-hand.
One state creates the other - they are not separate. I have come to realize weakness
occurs in me only when I am operating in a way that is inconsistent to the fulfilment
of my highest purpose-when I am feeling separate from mankind, separate from the flow
of the universe. I am aware that every day I must choose to forgive, to accept, and to share love and knowledge if I wish to achieve enlightenment and be 'in the flow'.
I have found that as I give these gifts freely to myself and others that miracles occur.
So I invite you to step inside the flow of the universe, to find yourself there thriving,
pleasuring in your own strength, bathing the beauty of the world around you.
Once you find yourself inside the flow you will never feel alone
and you will receive all the insight, love, and energy that you need.

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