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Monday, 2 June 2014

Past Life Therapy and what you might experience.

 Photocopy with imprinted lives by M'reen

Past Life Therapy and what you might experience.

This can only be a brief outline of a subject that is as interesting
and as convoluted as the human race has the potential to be.
I have been careful to include as full a range of situations as is possible
and in doing so have missed the broad middle band to which most of us exclusively belong.

Past Life Therapy can be experienced from four interest points.
Firstly, just for fun or for hypno-oneography, that is to freeze-frame your past life persona
and trace round your features. Just imagine the baronial home having ‘self portraits’
of different eras climbing up the stairs; secondly, there is the therapeutic work
that can be of immense benefit and thirdly as an educational journey into the spiritual reality
and lastly to experience the ineffable feeling of Oneness.

When working with Past Life Therapy I always do the Spirit Releasing bit first. This is to get rid
of any blocks that might get in the way of successful Past Life or, if appropriate, this-life therapy.
Spirit Releasing Therapy is rather like cleaning up all the guilt trips of our life and the energy
of others that has attached itself to us then sealing ourselves with ‘Scotch Guard’
or ‘light’, however life still happens but like spilt water the bad stuff can’t stick.
The power of the mind is incredible and you get to look in a magic mirror and ‘see’ or sense an image
of yourself. This image might be simply boring, there may be nothing to see and so nothing to work on at this point in time and therefore we can go on with the past life work. Incidentally, if your mind knows that a past life is not appropriate it will not invent one, but go to a this-life situation. One person combined a past and this-life scenario in order to explain a situation that was important to her.
What might you see in the magic mirror? Well, shaded areas, moving areas, coloured areas or voids
and holes, hot or cold spots. These may be in, on, or around your translucent body shape.
Therapists from different disciplines would call these the hidden saboteurs, inner child conflicts,
ego states, the energy of others or simply your mind’s way of expressing something that you can’t easily put into words. Should you find an area, then we dialogue with that area just as if we were talking directly to yourself. I talk to the part of you that is blue and you answer as ‘blue’,
blue may even have a name such as ‘guilt’ or Mary and we simply use the name or identifier given. The therapy happens and, if appropriate, I then ask ‘blue’ if it is ready to leave having established what blue’s purpose has been in the client’s life, establishing that the client is perfectly able 
to look after that purpose him/herself. Both blue and the client agree to the new situation, 
goodbyes are expressed and blue goes on its way to complete its own cycle;
leaving the client free of that influence. … Fascinating.
A black area may have been a headache expressing an area of stress with its source
coming from a number of areas. A tablet will just deal with the physical whereas Spirit Releasing
deals holistically with the mind, body and spiritual aspects of the situation. When clients have returned to the waking state, they tend to think, ‘Wow, where did that all come from?’

So, what might all these blobs and things be?

Thought forms can be described as memories or a mind creation,
I have read that the concept of a god is a mind creation
and that there is a physical area of the brain that is dedicated to a deity.

Vows may come under the umbrella of thought forms.
Vows are issued after a traumatic or distressing event, examples are
I will never ….’, ‘I will always …..’ etc these may be the vows one might make at death
that are carried forwards into the next life. For example, a person promises to return,
but fate decrees otherwise, or a this-life dispute occurs.
The person waiting/experiencing may conclude that ‘men are unreliable’ and take
this conviction with them throughout this and subsequent lives; unfortunately
such a silent or unknown conviction can ruin the most positive relationship.

Holes and voids might be bits missing from a person; you may have had an accident
or an operation or you might have been born without a physical part of your body.
The mind, body, spirit connection knows what the blueprint for a person is supposed to be.
Apparently, people born without a limb can experience phantom limb pain.
Try putting a sticking plaster on that!
Some people can seem ‘vacant’, or ‘not all there’ possibly they may have been born
without an emotional bit or in an adult this void could be the result of a frozen
or displaced, emotion due to trauma.
When physically touched two people felt ‘empty’ to me.
The emotions tied up in these expressions/holes can be returned to the person
through Spirit Releasing Therapy, soul retrieval work or Shamanic work, etc.,
so that the person is in fact ‘whole’ so that by giving back the responsibility to its rightful owner
the hole is filled for one and the swirling area is removed for the other person.
What’s your heart doing in San Francisco? “When you left/died, part of me left/died with you”, etc.
Or maybe you gave a person a ‘piece of your mind’ and it stuck to that person. Hey, you need it back
to be whole, and that person does not want to be lumbered with a bit of your mind.
For that person, your ‘hole’ may be their swirling area.
These could be guilt trips, labels you are stuck with, the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’, ‘have tos’
and ‘need tos’ that CBT and REBT (Therapy) etc. deal with.

This swirling area could be described as a fragment that has attached to another person or to you.
Fragments come in all shapes and sizes and from all sorts of situations
and so each get its own category dependent upon the origin and effect.
Like a broken vase they all need putting back together, in the correct vase,
for the vase to hold water again.

Getting a bit bigger now we have sub-personalities, sub-personalities have
different names depending on the therapy being described but they are still, essentially,
bits of us that are frozen in time and attitude.
For example, if you failed to drown as a child, that ‘child’ is not going to give you a second chance
and so makes sure that you don’t go near the water. The adult might realise
that this is a bit inconvenient and even a nonsense, but your inner child isn’t open to sense.
Again these can stay with you or attach themselves to others. An over protective parent,
the expression is ‘tied to your mother’s apron strings’ could be a good example.

Going up the scale we can have attached entities, or earthbound spirits or some other descriptor
and these may be completely benign and think that they are doing you a favour. Or you may be really pleased to experience the presence of someone you loved who has died but you may need to set up
an agreement that they only call when invited or their request has been accepted.
Some are not as friendly and can lead from mild to serious obsessions and compulsions.
For the person who has experienced war and is vividly seeing faces, are these attached entities
or crystal clear frozen memories that are locked in time? What ever your view point,
these disturbing experiences need to find the peace that can be afforded with the sensitive
and respectful approach offered by an experienced therapist.

Dark energy beings. As described, this may be very negative energy which when worked with correctly can become a positive resource to the client. This negative energy may originate from
any of the above descriptions and they are treated courteously and their release is facilitated,
they may be released from the client or indeed from the client’s abuser, this being a really profound experience for the client.
I observed the therapy of a lady who had been cruelly abused and her abuser was still alive.
In an altered state of conscious awareness, she could not accept or forgive that is ‘let go’.
During her trance, when a dark entity had been promptly removed from the abuser,
the abuser profusely apologised to the client, the client immediately accepted the apology,
and forgiveness was not a question. This sixty-year-old lady was relieved of an immense
and debilitating burden.
The abuser would also have been relieved, but I am not in a position to confirm this.
In milder situations, when this happens there is an instant and noticeable change in attitude
to the person worked with and they invariably report that other person has had a personality change.
This is life enhancing when it changes an intractable relationship;
it is profound when it frees a person from the binds of abuse.
I have had two clients who have released their personal ‘devils’, that isn’t to say that these had horns, cloven hooves and a tail. This was the client’s descriptor of what they perceived.
One fifty year old man saw his body shape as being completely surrounded with black,
he said that he had been fighting this devil for fifteen years,
that it had passed from his grandfather to his father and from his father to himself at birth.
This particular devil was abuse.

Then there are the ‘devil’s spawn’, depending upon the situation these are packed off
to the light without messing around as I’m not here to counsel such negative energies.
Are Devil’s spawn really thought forms that have a little more shape and substance?

Then we have aliens, and these are becoming more recognised throughout the world.
They, purportedly, treat us as we treat other life forms and they are quite content
to go back to their mother ship. You would have thought that their communications system
would inform them that we don’t like being experimented with.
But then again, we don’t listen to our own communications, ‘I don’t like that’, ‘don’t do that’,
or the baby that spits out the medicine or food that it intuitively understands is bad for it,
no, we don’t listen either.
Alien Abduction is another form of therapy that is becoming more recognised
and there are the aliens who live amongst us to better our lives.

Sparks. These are the formative sparks from creation that have not joined their own body
and tagged onto yours either because it seemed like a good idea, they got a bit lost, or there was a prior agreement. As a child, I loved the story in Peter Pan and Wendy that described how the fairies
were formed; I suspect that he bootlegged the story. If I remember correctly, in one creation version, God sat around for so long that he got a bit bored, eventually he thought of something so funny
that he laughed so much that he broke up into little sparks and the sparks formed the spirit
within all of us. I might add that all of the devil’s spawn have a little light within them,
it’s just that they don’t know it.
When all these areas have gone to the Light, returned to their own body or been re-integrated,
then the client is asked to see a light within themselves and to let that light fill their being
and go beyond themselves to a distance of about three feet or one meter.
This heals and protects while the ongoing therapy adds to that person’s abilities.
All these effects have happened in this lifetime
and as this is the life we are leading, the one we are interacting with others, now.
I think that it is important that if the client is able to see, sense or be aware
in any way of a disturbance of their body shape then that it should be worked with
before any past life work is started.
After one confusing session that worked out logically in the end,
I told the client that it was rather like having a jigsaw without the picture on the box to guide us.
She asked if what she saw was real. I am a therapist; the proof of the pudding is there,
whatever it is that is real, it is real for her and very effective therapy.

This introduction should have you filling the google search boxes or Wickapedia
to find the extending or contradictory experience of others. Happy searching.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

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